Many people believe that given the kind of work I do of removing ghosts and other energies, that I must be ‘gifted’ or special in some way. I want to assure you that this is not the case. Everyone can do what I can do. I do not have something that others do not, with the exception that I have the desire, some training and lots of practice.

I did not honor my intuitive abilities, mostly through a lack of awareness. I was a corporate executive for many years and didn’t believe in these types of abilities, even though in reflection I can see where I used them. It wasn’t until I left the corporate world and took an energy healing course that I started to become aware and use these intuitive abilities. The more I practiced and used the abilities for healing, the stronger they became. Now, after 15 years of daily practice, these abilities are second nature.

Most people experience their surroundings with the five basic senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell. However, there is a whole set of other subtler senses that we all have to varying degrees that allow us to perceive or experience things beyond the “normal” range of senses. They have been called extra-sensory perception (ESP), extra sensory abilities, psychic abilities, or referred to as “gifts”.

I believe that everyone has latent ‘psychic’ or intuitive abilities and therefore can do the type of healing or clearing work that I do. In some people these abilities manifest at a very early age, sometimes at birth. For other people, this ESP just sits under the surface, waiting to be tapped into when they are ready. Certain people have these abilities show up with little effort, or for others the unfolding of these abilities can be quite sudden or traumatic; and, then some people never access these abilities because they don’t believe in them or deny what is taking place within them.

Extra Sensory Abilities

The following is an outline of the six main extra sensory abilities. I believe that everyone has all these abilities and one or two tend to be more dominant, at least in the beginning. Below is just a quick reference, there are many web sites on the internet that deal with this subject.

Clairvoyance sometimes called the gift of seeing, or as I call it “clair-seeing”.Clairvoyants can generally see energy, auras, orbs and ghosts with their physical eyes or their “mind’s eye”. People with clairvoyance often say, “I see what you mean” “I can see that happening” “I could see that coming”

Clairaudience – “clair-hearing”, or the gift of hearing. Clairaudients can psychically hear sounds, words, thoughts, music, etc. Many people refer to the voices in their head. People with clair-hearing often say “I hear what you are saying” “I think we should…” or “I thought that would happen”.

Claircognizance – the gift of knowing or thinking (“clair-knowing”). Claircognazants seem to just know things, without know how they know it. They have a deep sense of knowing about something, or that something is true. They often say things like, “I know what you mean” “I knew that would happen” “We should…”.

Clairsentience – the gift of feeling (“clair-feeling”).  Clairsentients perceive or feel things such as emotions, or distressful thoughts with their body. They     frequently sense the feelings and emotions of another person or their surroundings. Someone who is clair-feeling often needs to learn to shield themselves from the energies of others, or they might find themselves feeling overwhelmed. They tend to say things such as; “my gut says…”, or “I have a gut feeling about that”, or “This feels like a good idea”, or “This doesn’t feel right to me”.

 Clairscentrist – the gift of smelling (“clair-smelling”).  Clairscentrists can “smell” energies and emotions in the form of fragrances or odors. They say things like; “This situation doesn’t smell right to me”, “the truth was smelled out”, “I’ll need to sniff out an answer”, or “This situation stinks”.

 Clairgustance – the gift of taste (“clair-tasting”).  Clairgustants can taste danger, changes in energy, or the emotions of people. They might say “It leaves a bad taste in my mouth”. Of all the extra sensory abilities, clair-tasting seems to be the least common.

Speak with the Divine

Many of us doubt our intuitive abilities and question or even ignore the guidance or the intuitive feelings that we get. Learning how to discern what your predominant gift might be and then developing it and the others further, will help you to communicate and to create a stronger connection to Universal Consciousness, Divine Intelligence, or whatever label you have for this energetic presence.

I do not actually do the work of removing ghosts, spirits and negative energies. The work is done by Divine beings with whom I communicate through my intuitive abilities. Perhaps the greatest benefit I have received from doing this energetic work, is to strengthen and develop confidence in my relationship with the Divine.

I encourage you to learn about your own ESP abilities and develop them so that you can communicate directly with your Guides, Angels, and or what I call Source. You will never be alone and always guided to your highest and best good. Enjoy the journey.

Much love,