Tricks or Treats?

Real Ghosts are they Tricks or Treats?

Halloween is a time when ghosts and goblins are on our minds. One of the questions that comes up is ‘Are ghosts and hauntings more active during the time of Trick or Treat?’ From my experience, people who have ghostly experiences know that ghosts and other supernatural energies are active throughout the year. However, that being said, since there is more awareness to ghosts at Halloween, many people may experience something other worldly only because there is a great sensitivity or awareness. Ghosts can be either a Trick or a Treat depending upon their activities and the receptivity of the people who are being haunted.
Ghosts are considered ‘Trick’ when they are opening and closing doors, turning the lights on and off, moving things around the house or creating loud noises or unique odors. Usually when this happens, people contact me in order to put a stop to the antics. For a certain types of people ghosts can also be a ‘Treat’.halloween I have spoken with many people who apparently have a ghost living with them and feel that the ghost is a good companion.  Some people have even given ‘their ghost’ a name and speak with him or her on a regular basis. That might be fine for them but I believe that a ghost, or an earthbound spirit as I call them, is the soul or spirit of a person who has died and not crossed over for some reason. It is like keeping the soul of a person for a pet. For children, an earthbound spirit can become their imaginary friend with both positive and negative results depending upon the disposition of the spirit.
Checking for ghosts, earthbound spirits or other unwanted energies and having them cleared from your house, property, or your own energy field is important for two reasons. Ghosts, spirits or negative energies attached to you, your environment, or the people around you can negatively affect your behaviors, how you feel, how you think, and even your health. The other reason is that these earthbound spirits are not supposed to be here and may have been stuck here for generations or longer. So if you already have either a Trick, or a Treat ghost in your home, or  become aware of a spirit in your home or connected to you, please contact us and help them to complete their journey. Halloween_costumes-2  

Happy Halloween,   

Michael “the Ghost Guy”    

P.S. Do you have any weird or spooky Halloween stories of your own? Please share.