The Month for Love

All colours of love

Share your love…now. 

January sure flew by and we are now a week into February. I don’t know about you but for me time seems to becoming more and more a matter of perception. Sometimes it passes so slowly and at other times it shifts in the blink of an eye. I am sure that, like me, you have experienced several changes in the last few weeks. We are all shifting and growing to become more of who we are. Matching the outside with what is really happening on the inside. This month of February is considered by many to be the month of love, where on Valentine’s Day we share, or express our love to our spouse, or partner, or other romantic interest. Yes, it is a time for this, and I would like to suggest that you also take time this month to express your feelings of love to others in your life who matter; who you care about. As you go about this, please also take some quiet time to express your love to those who have passed on and that were important in your life.

Love The Spirits

When most people die, their essence or spirit “crosses-over” to complete their journey of this lifetime. Yet there are many who do notRed Rose cross for a variety of reasons and remain “trapped in-between”. One of the reasons for staying behind is related to their not wanting to leave their loved ones, be it a spouse, children, or other family and friends. Some may regret not expressing their feelings while they were alive and hope to do it now. Others just cannot bear the thought of leaving their loved ones and in some cases it is the living who are so attached to the person that has passed, that this strong attachment can prevent them from continuing on. So take a moment or two and express your love to those that have passed. You can do it out loud if you like, or quietly in your mind and heart, there is no right way. Then release them with this love and gratitude for their being in your life.

Do it Daily

I love youLet us not have any regrets of our own. For the days remaining in the month of February, choose at least one person each day and tell them that you love them. It could include your children, your parents, your brothers and sisters, or extended family, your friends, and even some co-workers. Anyone you care about. You could send them an email, or a text message, phone them, or better yet meet with them over coffee or a meal and look in their eyes while you say that you care about them, love them. Don’t let this opportunity pass by. With this simple gesture, you will make such a difference in their lives as well as your own. Remember, any month can be a month for love. Choose them all.

I love you,


P.S. – If anyone has concerns about whether or not their deceased love one has crossed, or is still earthbound, contact me with their name, and I will check for you. Live in Love.

The Ghost Guy