It all started with a call from Angelina. She and her husband, Tom, had just purchased and been living in their circa 1903 dream home for only a month when they began experiencing a series of unusual occurrences.

The panic was evidenced in Angelina’s voice as she went on to explain the course of events.  She stated that in only one month’s time, they experienced two separate occasions of pipes bursting in the home; the first occurrence pouring torrents of water onto the first floor nearly destroying the structure.  Both she and Tom were involved in two separate automobile accidents.  A landscaper cut off a finger while working in the yard.  If that was not enough, their usually healthy dog became suddenly and mysteriously ill with veterinarian hospital stays revealing no logical explanation for the malady. 

What was more disturbing was a series of nightmares that she and Tom were having that were eerily similar in nature.  She described what she said felt like out of body experiences in which they both were being controlled by Native American warriors.  This prompted an investigation by the Healing Haunted Houses team.

Ghosts, Imprints and Curses, Oh My!

Inquiry into the case revealed the home was built on what was once a culmination point of a battle involving the massacre of Native Americans at the hands of American soldiers.  The area where the couple lives is well-known for its rich Native American history.  The case had several elements that each needed to be cleared.

First, the investigation surfaced the souls of 1,050 Native American earthbound spirits some of whom were still strongly protecting the land.  There are times when a person dies suddenly or with unresolved issues so powerful that the person does not cross fully into the light. When someone has died before their time, whether tragically or not, the energies being expressed by their spirit can impact the home and those living in the home.  It is important that the earthbound spirit or ghost be crossed over so they can finish their journey and return to their appropriate place in the light.

Second, negative energetic imprints of “deep despair” were present on the land with origins dating back to the time of battle.  A negative energetic imprint can be caused or superimposed when land, a home or a person has been exposed to neglect, abuse, consistent arguing or fighting and other negative circumstances over a period of time.  Energetic imprints can be left behind by not only the recent occupants but also by those that lived in the house or on the land generations before them.  To those who are energetically sensitive, energetic imprints can be felt upon entering a home.  Such was the case with Angelina and Tom’s home.

The last element that required clearing was that of a curse energy that was placed on Angelina, Tom and even their dogs three months prior to closing on the home.  The home had undergone major renovations and my sense is that disruptions to the sacredness of the land during the renovation process prompted the curse energy.  In today’s society, we give little attention or credence to what we call curses. A curse is a powerful energetic thought form with a specific purpose that is directed or focused on a specific person, which affects their energy field, and therefore their life.  Any strong thought form held long enough toward someone, or a thought form that is highly charged with emotion can become a curse. A curse can be intentional where one person wants to direct harm to another. Or, a curse can be unintentional.  Most curses are unintentional.

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All Quiet on the Homefront

During the clearing session all 1,050 earthbound spirits were gently and lovingly crossed over to complete their journey.  The negative energetic imprint energy on the land and the curse energy on the couple and their dogs were completely removed and replaced with positive energy.  Angelina and Tom’s home has now become peaceful with no new reports of unusual occurrences.

Since this clearing session, a random, intuitive visitor to the couple’s home confirmed elements of this story without any knowledge of these events or the clearing session.

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