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Client Testimonials

B.A – California, USA

“I had a clearing done in 2015 and since then all of our issues were resolved. I recently referred my aunt to you. She was experiencing things being moved and her husband was getting a lot of knocking sounds above his bed. So my aunt paid and received a clearing but she did not tell her husband what she did. A few days later, her husband remarked that all the knocking went away without knowing a clearing was done. My aunt actually feels healthier as if the spirits were using her energy and in the process draining her energy and after the clearing she was feeling a dramatic improvement in how she feels, in addition to no longer feeling a presence. So the bottom line is, I wanted to give you feedback to let you know that what you do is valid, 100 percent real and your results are successful. It is fantastic that people like you are doing these clearings to help both the living and the deceased. I just visited my aunt yesterday and asked her husband if he still hears knocking sounds and he said they have ceased and never returned. My aunt says it’s still very peaceful there. Her husband has since been told a clearing has been done to the house.”

L.G. – Florida, USA

“Lisa Evans is a miracle worker. For 2 1/2 years my two dogs (Lucy and Lola) and I were tormented most every night (and sometimes day) by unwanted, relentless spirits and very bad energy. During that period I had the home exorcised and blessed, worked with a paranormal team, a shaman, a tarot card reader, prayed the rosary and spent countless dollars trying to get some relief from these unwanted “guests”. In all these cases, the relief would be short lived (a few days) and the spirits would come back with ill-intent and vengeance. Hopeless and exhausted, I felt like my life was unraveling and the spirits were winning. THEN I FOUND LISA EVANS.

Upon communicating with Lisa, she had no idea of our problematic history. She only wanted to know the facts of our present living situation. She found an abundance of layers of “bad energy” attached to Lucy and our home. She removed bad energy from me and my 91 yr old mother who lives with me. The biggest difference with Lisa is that SHE NEVER ABANDONED US. She stayed with us through numerous updates and communications.

My home is peaceful and Lucy has finally been freed from the nightly torture and torment — just like it used to be 2 1/2 yrs ago. Lucy sleeps peacefully at night and is no longer “attacked” and made fearful during the daytime while lying on the thick kitchen rug; just happy being a content, sleepy dog again.

I am filled with gratitude and joy for the dedication, love and kindness Lisa Evans shared with Lucy and I. God bless this gifted and generous woman. We love her!”

G.D. – New York, USA

“I try not to count my eggs before they hatch but I have to tell you the past 3 days have been the best for my business.  As a scientist I cannot reconcile the immediate success that has transpired since you performed the business clearing, but as a believer in God, it works.  You are the best.  Thank you and know that you have a powerful gift.  I don’t have it, but I thank God that I know you.”

R.M. – New York, USA

“Thank you so much for the amazing work that you do and for helping so many people.  I can’t tell you the peace of mind it gives me being able to send people to your website for assistance for them to always be blown away (in a great way) by their detailed report and the clearings you do for them.  Tremendous appreciation for all that you do.”

A.S. – Australia

“May I comment with so much gratitude and respect for the ‘healing’ that Healing Haunted Houses did for me. I was trying to tell myself, to ease my mind from the entities and very predominant visits, and most upsetting experiences I had been receiving! Not so, my skepticism is no more! What I saw, heard and felt were very real. Healing Haunted Houses ‘clearing’ has changed my life.  I am so grateful for your expertise and insight.”

A.C. – Colorado, USA

“We are doing very well since you cleared our household. The toys have stopped making noise on their own and the house feels safe again.  It is hard to believe that my 3 year old son and his 18 month old brother had ‘things’ hanging out with them…totally scary!  Thank you again for everything!”

L.A. – British Columbia, Canada

“First I must say I am grateful that you have a gift that you share and thank you very much for the clearing. Wednesday morning I woke up feeling “different.”  If I were to put a description to it, it would be as if Jacob Marley lost his eternal chains.  Thursday morning, I woke up with the same headache I get if I eliminate something from my diet during a detox.  Within a hour, it was gone and I now feel renewed.  Interestingly, my husband went from being negative and tired to positive and forward focused overnight.  Thank you again!”