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Client Testimonials

A.K. – British Columbia, Canada

“Wow! I have to say that my temperature in the last 20 minutes has increased by 10 degrees. it is incredible. I feel crazy hot and this has never happened to me before. I am at work right now and certainly feel the need to sit myself down and process this, which is a bit difficult in this situation. Thank you again for all your help and sharing the information.”

A.S. – Australia

“May I comment with so much gratitude and respect for the ‘healing’ that Michael did for me. I was trying to tell myself, to ease my mind from the entities and very predominant visits, and most upsetting experiences I had been receiving! Not so, my scepticism is no more! What I saw, heard and felt were very real. Michael’s ‘clearing’ has changed my life. There is absolutely, no doubt that the troublesome spirits attached to me have been released! I am so grateful for your expertise and insight to the benefit of my sanity, ha ha, if there is such a thing. Happy days.”

S. K. – New York, USA

You really do wonderful work. My baby daughter was better the next day!! Complete mood change! It’s amazing!

Thank you again for your wonderful work and generosity! God bless you.




T.H. – British Columbia, Canada

“The workshop was unlike any workshop I have ever attended!! The Sacred space that is created right at the beginning is, in my humble opinion, a MUST for any work in this field. Michael is upbeat and a truly innovational, compassionate teacher. My life has been enriched and I have come closer to my own truth, the reason why I am here as a result. God bless you Mike and may your gift to us all shine brighter and brighter!!!!!”

A.C. – Colorado, USA

“We are doing very well since you cleared our household. The toys have stopped making noise on their own and the house feels safe again. My 3 year old has had a few outbursts at night, but I am going to relate that to his age. It is hard to believe that both he and his 18 month old brother had ‘things’ hanging out with them…totally scary. All has been peaceful ever since you cleared the house, the property and worked with the two boys. Thank you again for everything, Mike! I have spoken about my situation to a few people and there seems to be more stuff out there that is affecting people that do not talk about it, but if it is mentioned, a few people will speak up! So I hope you don’t mind but I will keep your information forever! Before I move into a new house, I will be calling you to have it be cleared before we ever live in it!!!”

R. B. – British Columbia, Canada

“I am a Realtor with a listing on a house that for months was not selling. Every time I entered, the house felt awful. So, I called Michael to see if there may be a presence, which there was, and once removed the house had an offer in a week!”

Maria – South Carolina, USA

“Hello Michael. Thank you once again for your extraordinary abilities. You are a special person and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. If there is anything I can do for you please let me know. My friends thank you, and I thank you. Be well and all the best to you. Sincerely, Maria.”

S.S. – Washington, USA

“The work you did on the house was phenomenal! I no longer see all my ‘visitors’.”

T.K. – British Columbia, Canada

“It was quite strange the other day. I woke up from a nap and upon waking up the energy in the house was totally different and for the first time actually felt calm and still. I came and checked my messages and discovered you had done the clearing. It was pretty much instant and we have not had anything happen. The kids are no longer afraid to go to the bathroom by themselves and my daughter has not mentioned anything about the scary monster except the day you did the clearing, she came and told me that it was gone before I said anything to her. I have noticed that she is not as angry has she has been and its nice to have our happy daughter back. Michael, thank you so much, from all of our family!!!”

M.J. – Arizona, USA

“I had never considered my house to be haunted in the traditional sense, but the idea that past energy can linger or remain imprinted in a house made a lot of sense to me. Having just removed myself from a very toxic relationship, I really desired peace and harmony in my home. Anything unhealthy or negative had to go! It was time to wipe the house clean, so I contacted Healing Haunted Houses. As I said before there was nothing I had expereinced so to speak and after the clearing session, I was told to observe the changes, so I did… First I began to notice a lightness or weightlessness in the air. It was as if the entire house was expanding into spaciousness, a feeling not just in my home but also in my body, like tight body wraps had been removed. The house seemed brighter and the vegetation was growing at what seemed to be a faster pace becoming very green. Finally, I became very aware of what became such a gift of miraculous measure to me. My 7 year old son began to hug me and kiss me frequently showing all forms of affection abundantly. Something he had slowly stopped giving. It was as if once the oppressive energy was removed he felt free to express himself and to love. Whatever imprint or residue that was in the house obviously affected him on an emotional level and I am so grateful to see his joy and freedom of expression….Not to mention, what mother doesn’t love a hug from her child? I would recommend that everyone clear the energy where they live, and occasionally have it checked up. You just never know what may have been left behind or stuck and what effect it’s having on you or your family. Thank you Healing Haunted Houses!!!”

J.W. – Idaho, USA

“I didn’t believe in ghosts or spirits until I had a problem with my younger daughter. Since the age of about 2 years old, she would not sleep nor even play in her bedroom. There is a mean man in my room, she would say and at night crawl into bed with me. I thought it was just a phase my daughter was going through, but after 4 years of this I was becoming desperate. I could tell that Emma was really scared of being in her bedroom and I really didn’t know what I could do to change the situation. Even her older sister wouldn’t sleep in the room and also said it was weird and creepy.

I met Michael Rowland of Healing Haunted Houses and asked if he could tell if there might be a ghost in my daughter’s room, even though the house was only a few years old. It turned out that there appeared to be not one but two ghosts, ‘earthbound spirits’ as Mike calls them, and one was apparently very unfriendly. I thought it couldn’t hurt and arranged with Mike to have the spirits removed.

Within three days after the session to remove the spirits, my daughter spent the entire night sleeping in her room and within a few weeks she was sleeping in her room on a consistent basis for several nights a week. The most important result is that my daughter is no longer afraid to be in her room. I really didn’t think it would make any difference and now I am truly amazed how well it worked, particularly since my daughter did not participate, or have knowledge of the removal session. Now, I am also getting some uninterrupted sleep, all thanks to Mike.”

L.A. – British Columbia, Canada

First I must say I am grateful that you have a gift that you share and thank you very much for the clearing.  

Wednesday morning I woke up feeling “different.”  If I were to put a description to it, it would be as if Jacob Marley lost his eternal chains.  Thursday morning, I woke up with the same headache I get if I eliminate something from my diet during a detox.  Within a hour, it was gone and I now feel renewed.  Interestingly, my husband went from being negative and tired to positive and forward focused overnight.  

We hear time and time again that major financial decisions should not be made for a a year after the death of a loved one.  So too, our thought patterns are so much more positive that, I now believe that one should have a clearing before major decisions.  Thank you again!

L.W. – British Columbia, Canada

“It’s been a couple of weeks now since you ‘cleared’ my home and all the subtle changes have added up to make me realize that things really are different. The house seems calmer, and the strange spontaneous channel changing has stopped, same with the odd noises. All in all it was a very interesting and strange experience for me, but I really appreciate what you have done.”

J.S. – North Carolina, USA,

“I can’t thank you enough for helping us. I am no longer afraid to be in my own home. I feel better and better with each passing day. The house is calm and peaceful again.”

J. – Washington, USA

“I rented a cute apartment in a great area of Seattle but for some reason I was always afraid of the living room and the tree outside the window. I was especially fearful at night. Thankfully, I contacted Healing Haunted Houses and they removed whatever it was that was scaring me. I loved living in the apartment after the clearing was done. When we first moved into our current house our dog was hesitant to go into the backyard. I called Healing Haunted Houses again and now he loves it. I will continue to a clearing done every time we move. Thanks so much!”

I. W. – Saskatchewan, Canada

Thank you so much for using your gift to sever these ties with care and love. I have felt some energetic changes over the past few days. I had one moment where I suddenly felt a heaviness lift off my chest. I’ve also noticed that interactions with two people I usually find to be very draining have left lighter and less triggering. A feeling of lightness and ease has come upon me in waves. One interesting experience occurred when I was in one of my graduate courses this past week. I normally feel very anxious in class and freeze when called upon, but I felt more free to contribute and interact with the lecture than usual. A much appreciated experience. I look forward to experiencing the energetic shifts and feel that tuning in to them can provide interesting insight. Thank you Michael. 

S.E. – British Columbia, Canada

Before I took Michael’s course for removing negative energies, I had always encountered spirits and such, but I had also encountered things that weren’t really ghosts. That bothered me… not knowing what I had experienced. After his class I knew with confidence what my encounters were and if anything else new showed up, I knew what to do. What I thought was very unique about his classes was we always had something to practice on…and if we didn’t… well let’s just say “something” would show up.  The biggest thing about this course is that I had 3 friends who heard I was taking it and they wanted clearings done for their homes and families…even before I had taken the class!”

H.A. – Australia

“Thank you Michael for the wonderful and much needed healing for my house and helping to release the ghost. My house feels more earthed, solid and I feel much better with refreshing sleep. No strange cooking smells or smells of tar near me or anything else. Everyone who visits can feel the Peace. All the best, Helen”

D and C. J. – New Hampshire, USA

“Mike, I want to sincerely thank you for your help, for my son and myself, and for the family/house, and for those energies you were able to free to the other side. I have not noticed any change(yet) from the tangled energies you freed from me, however, I’m not very introspective. I’ll have my wife evaluate me along the way. My son would be called a ‘kind soul’ and he remains a happy/empathetic teenager. Will evaluate any changes as we go forward. The house has become totally normal after the last small follow up you did. We are very grateful for your efforts on our behalf.
Our gratitude and best regards,”

A.D. – British Columbia, Canada

“I’d like to thank you again, most sincerely, for your work with my partner and myself last week. He has experienced a remarkable change in himself. I am so glad as to have been able to afford him the opportunity to finally get clear of all that debris. The relief we both feel is indescribable. I know that the circumstances surrounding our situation were particularly challenging, and I want to let you know how much I appreciate the efforts you made to accommodate the situation. You really went above and beyond the call of duty, and I want you to know how much it meant. I really feel like this was a tremendous gift. Thank you again for all your amazing work!”

A.M. – Alberta, Canada

“Hi Michael, Your help, advice and courage are much appreciated and your friendship highly valued. Thank you, it was amazing.”

B.A.R. Realtor – British Columbia, Canada

“I have had many listings of properties, land and houses, where I felt that there was something wrong with the feel of the property. I used Michael to identify those that had resident ghosts or spirits and had him conduct a healing. Once the spirits were removed the properties immediately felt better and sold shortly thereafter. I call Michael whenever I list a property that doesn’t feel right.”

R.W. – Alberta, Canada

“Our cat, Two-Tone thanks you from the bottom of his heart for the insight you provided. His third chakra was completely closed and the others spinning in reverse. He was noticeably different after it was straightened out. He’s a mighty happy camper now. Glad to have the mole gone too.  🙂 As for myself, let’s just say I’m a satisfied customer. It seems there is much integration occurring from many irons I’ve had in the fire. I’d say your work compliments everything else quite effectively. I’ve been passing your name on to others. Thanks for your assistance. I am deeply grateful.”

M.F. – British Columbia, Canada

“I want to thank you for clearing the uninvited spirits from my house and from me and my wife as well. I cannot speak for my wife but I was having real neck problems due to an old injury all night long and that recently disappeared for the most part at around the same time you did the clearings. What is most interesting is that I’ve been experiencing much better quality of deeper sleep with more REM and more intense dreams that are lasting much longer than before. Much more restful overall. Things sure did change for the better! Many thanks, Mike.”

J.L. – British Columbia, Canada

Thank you so much. It has been so nice just talking with you and clarifying what is actually happening. Some people may think I’m crazy if I tried to explain what is happening which is why it is so heartwarming to talk with someone who understands. I truly feel so sorry for these wandering spirits who have no direction and feel grateful that they have moved on.

J.G. – British Columbia, Canada

“I’m so fascinated by what you do…First of all thank you for giving me peace of mind. I know my daughter went though a really bad patch up until September…and the only way I could get her to sleep, is to stay in the same room as her on a bed in the corner.” 2 days later… “I just wanted to let you know, that I have never seen my little girl as happy as she is this week, giggling and telling jokes, and no meltdowns…when I think about what she was like in the Summer, compared to this week, she’s not even the same kid. She improved steadily in September and October, when I started sleeping in the same room, but this week she’s over the moon, and I think we may have you to thank!”

J. W. – Alberta, Canada

“Thank you very much for the cool and awesome work you do! I definitely experienced feeling much lighter! I also feel much quieter in my mind, less negative talk and energy going on there! I hear you may be coming to Calgary to teach a workshop, it would be great to thank you in person!”

A.C. – British Columbia, Canada

“I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done! I already feel better than yesterday & also feel that things will continue to improve. So interesting…isn’t it?”