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A Ghostly Pregnancy

Sometimes we will get a case that comes across our desk that stays in our memory bank.  Such was the case of Isobel, a mother of a 9-year-old daughter.  Isobel wrote in to explain how her pregnancy with her daughter had prompted a series of unusual experiences that she believed could only be indicative of [&hellip

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Increase Your Intuitive Abilities

New! Stainless Steel and Copper Pyramid Kits We are always trying to present new alternatives for you to increase their intuition or intuitive abilities (ESP) and your overall health – physically, emotionally, and energetically. In this case we are presenting something old that is again new…Nubian style pyramids, also called Russian style pyramids. Why Russian [&hellip

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New Energy Activities

In addition to the energy healing and clearing work with ghosts and spirits that I have been doing for many years, I have recently started an energy healing clinic called The NRG Wellness Group. Along with my partner Terri, we offer a variety of hands-on and energy healing services, including

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