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Ghosts Attaching in Your Sleep

A recent case came across my desk from a couple who rarely had nighttime dreams, but for several consecutive nights prior to them contacting us, both had disturbing dreams of people of the same ethnicity, dress and ancient time period

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A Life Well-Lived

This week I returned from the funeral of the passing of my dad, an incredible, compassionate and humorous man who LOVED life and people.  He was the consummate humanitarian with a big heart for the downtrodden – always there to uplift his fellow man

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6 Important Concepts About Negative Energies

Negative Energies & Entities There are a wide variety of energies and entities that can attach or connect to our energy field and affect us in a negative way.  Any discussion about energies or entities is limited by our available language, concepts, and beliefs.  Therefore, whatever is discussed is limited and usually falls short of [&hellip

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Going to New York

We are off to Buffalo in May. I had really never planned on teaching the clearing techniques that I have learned over the last 10 or 12 years. In fact, I had not planned on doing this type of work for a living at all, let alone holding workshops. I got started teaching others to [&hellip

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ESP It’s Yours to Use

A Simple Idea…Remarkable Outcomes Although this post is really about what started out as a simple idea that created something I didn’t expect, I want to start with another short message that keeps coming.  It feels to me that there is an increasing urgency for all of us to become more healthy, both energetically and [&hellip

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Healing the Waters

Healing the Gulf of Mexico   Before we get too far into the new year of 2014, I would like to share with you one of the most powerful and deeply felt experiences of last year. During 2013 we had many unique and wonderful experiences, met great people, and faced several challenges, but the one that [&hellip

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Energy of Business

Sacred Earth Land Healing

People need the planet…. the planet doesn’t need people.   We’ve all heard the terms; Mother Nature, Mother Earth, Gaia, the Sacred Earth….many cultures refer to our earth as having consciousness…because it does have a consciousness…and it’s crying out for healing. Over the centuries, mankind has dug and clawed and pierced this planet for its [&hellip

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Paranormal People Project

We need your thoughts! I started writing these articles with the purpose of informing, entertaining, educating, and getting your input. I am writing this article to solicit your thoughts, opinions, and insights. For those of you who have ESP abilities, psychic abilities, or otherwise interact with the unseen world these words are for you. For those [&hellip

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The Ghost Guy

A Gift of Death

Death has a way of showing up when we least expect it. For me it came with the sudden death of my younger brother in an accident at the beginning of the year.  Although we didn’t see eye to eye on most of life’s important issues, I loved him dearly and we were great friends.  [&hellip

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Curses from Arguing


Feeling Cursed? Well maybe you are… Are you feeling blocked and can’t figure out what is blocking you? Do you feel angry for no particular reason, or guilty or jealous? Does success in business or relationships seem to elude you without specific cause?  Well you could be suffering under one or more curses. In today’s [&hellip

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