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The Battle for the Land

It all started with a call from Angelina. She and her husband, Tom, had just purchased and been living in their circa 1903 dream home for only a month when they began experiencing a series of unusual occurrences

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Ghosts Attaching in Your Sleep

A recent case came across my desk from a couple who rarely had nighttime dreams, but for several consecutive nights prior to them contacting us, both had disturbing dreams of people of the same ethnicity, dress and ancient time period

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Christmas Ghosts

Holiday Ghosts

Ghosts of Christmas Past and Present The Christmas holidays are a time for family gatherings and celebration with friends. Because of the many celebrations there is a likelihood to attract uninvited guests….ghosts. Christmas time appears to be a time of increased paranormal or ghostly activity.  Experiences during the past 15 years have demonstrated that not [&hellip

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Energy Clearing Results

Although every person’s experience of a clearing session is unique and different, I thought you might like to read a few of the more recent experiences people have had after their energy clearing sessions. From the Southern US “You asked for feedback in your clearing report a few weeks ago. It feels like I have [&hellip

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Negative Energies That Serve

After a clearing session, some people have said that they still feel negative energies or spirits around them. Sometimes after some further investigation we find another layer of energies that need to be removed. It appears that some of us, particularly those who are energetically sensitive, can only

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6 Important Concepts About Negative Energies

Negative Energies & Entities There are a wide variety of energies and entities that can attach or connect to our energy field and affect us in a negative way.  Any discussion about energies or entities is limited by our available language, concepts, and beliefs.  Therefore, whatever is discussed is limited and usually falls short of [&hellip

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The Ghost Guy

5 Things About Ghosts You Need Know

I get lots of questions about ghosts and spirits, so I am offering the following information for your review and consideration. Most of the information below has been gained during the last fifteen years of working with spirits in literally thousands of instances

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Experience of Her Spirit After Death

My Personal Experience Just about six weeks ago, Lynn, my partner, my love passed away in my arms.  Although deeply saddened by her passing, I want to share with you my experience of her soul, her spirit, her essence after she left her body

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Halloween Hauntings

Trick and Treat with Who? As we move closer to Halloween, I usually talk about ghosts being tricks or treats.  This year I would like to share a couple of Halloween short stories about children, because after all Halloween is primarily for children. The first story or experience is about a mother taking her daughter out to [&hellip

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ESP It’s Yours to Use

A Simple Idea…Remarkable Outcomes Although this post is really about what started out as a simple idea that created something I didn’t expect, I want to start with another short message that keeps coming.  It feels to me that there is an increasing urgency for all of us to become more healthy, both energetically and [&hellip

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