Stigmatized Properties

Buying or Selling a Haunted House

When ever people are buying or selling a home they spend time and money on making the house look its best.  Of course the appearance is important but what about the “feel” of the home.  It has been researched and apparently most purchasers will make their decision to purchase a home within the first ten feet of entering the house, based upon the way it “feels”. Then they walk through the house looking for factors that support their initial decision. Given this process it becomes important to both the buyer and the seller that the home feels good, within the first ten feet and then throughout.

Stigmatized Properties

According to many real estate boards, councils, and agencies certain events that have taken place in or around the home can cause the property to be described as a “stigmatized property”. This term is generally applied to a property hauntedhousesalethat has some negativity, or negative energy around it which could cause potential purchasers to avoid it. There are several situations that might lead to a property being labeled as stigmatized, some of which include:

  • A death occurred on the property;
  • A former resident was suspected of being a criminal or operated a criminal enterprise from the property; and
  • There are reports that the house/property is haunted.

Rules of Disclosure

Different states and provinces have varied requirements for sellers and their agents related to the disclosure of information on stigmatized properties and homes. There are some locations where disclosure is required for a property that is believed to be haunted, a death occurred in the home, or other event that causes the property to be labeled as not-haunted-home-for-sale“stigmatized property”. In some of these locations where disclosure Is mandatory, many of the sellers or agents have the property ‘energetically cleared’ and even advertise the property and place signage as “certified ghost free”. Other districts or locations do not require disclosure or disclosure is only required if a potential buyer requests such information. The options for the seller, or their agent, include:  

  • Answer the questions directly
  • Decline to answer the questions
  • Advise the buyer to conduct their own investigation.

Refusal to answer the questions can raise a warning flag for a prospective buyer who might then remove the property from their list of options.

Why Not Just Do It

People in general are becoming more and more sensitive to the energies around them, feeling both positive and negative energies. If you are planning to sell your home, you might be well advised to have it energetically cleared in addition to the other activities you might be taking to prepare your home. Good to knowIf you are looking to purchase a home, it would be beneficial to have the house and property energetically cleared before you move in. Or, if you are an agent representing a property for sale, you might want to have it energetically cleared so that first ten feet into the home feel really good as will the rest of the home.

Ongoing Maintenance

In the same way you perform regular maintenance on the physical aspects of your home, your home also needs energetic maintenance. People come into your home and can leave their energies behind, or you can bring home negative energies from work, or in some cases negative energies will opportunistically attach to the energy field of your home.  Your home will feel better if it is cleared every few months, so will you and your family.

Much love,


The Ghost Guy