Relationship Problems

Clear Your Problem Relationships.

 As humans we have a myriad of relationships in our lives. They can include personal relationships with family, friends, coworkers, and acquaintances. We have relationships related to our business lives with employees, suppliers, and other companies. Sometimes we have relationships that are legal in nature and could include lawyers, judges, courts, defendants and plaintiffs. In any and all types of relationships problems can develop and we can feel powerless to change or improve these relationships. Well, since all relationships are essentially energy we do have the ability to remove the negativity or energetic charge from these “problem” relationships. The first thing that helps to create relationships that are in our highest wellbeing is to clear our own energy field. When we find ourselves in a particularly difficult relationship, we can’t clear other people’s fields without their permission, which could be a challenge to obtain, however we can clear the negative energies or energetic charge from the relationship that could be affecting a mutually beneficial resolution to the problem at hand.

Personal Relationships

We have all experienced difficult or problem relationships during our lives and in many cases, they can remain unresolved for years or even lifetimes. Even if we don’t see the person or people for long periods of time, the energy of the problem relationships stays with us and affects our wellbeing in a negative way. Problems in family relationships are particularly difficult because our family members always remain a part of our lives, even if we don’t see them for years. Difficulties with coworkers can also be especially challenging since we need to see them or interact with them on a daily basis. Problems with friends and acquaintances arise and in many cases we regretfully end these relationships with the negativity haunting our memories every time we think of them. When we remove the negativity from the energy of these relationships we can more easily resolve any issues or at a minimum bring more peace into the relationship for our own wellbeing.

Business Relationships

Business RelationshipsWhen a person is running or managing a business they interact with many types of people for a variety of purposes. Relationships with “difficult” employees or suppliers or customers can negatively affect the wellbeing and profitability of the business. Clearing any negative energetic influences from these relationships can help to resolve the underlying issues. Even positive relationships can be improved by removing any negative influences that might be surrounding these interactions.

Legal Relationships

During our lives, many of us have the opportunity to interact with the legal system. It could be a marriage breakup,4 legal relationships some form of contract dispute, or a financial issue that brings us into relationships with the various people who are involved in the legal system including lawyers, judges and courts. These relationships tend to be adversarial in nature so they can attract a considerable amount of negativity or outside negative influences. Again, clearing away any negative energetic influences on the relationships helps to resolve the issues in a more positive process to the highest wellbeing of everyone involved.

Clearing Relationships

The best way to develop and maintain positive relationships is to start from the place of respect, compassion and a win-win point of view. However, even if that is our goal some of our relationships falter and become a problem. When this occurs and you want to remove any outside negative energetic influences, you can have someone such as a shaman or energy worker such as myself clear these energies for you, or you could learn to do it for yourself. I believe the best way to manage your own energy field and those of your relationships is to be able to do this for yourself. With this in mind, I offer an online course about clearing your own energy field which you could apply to your relationships as well. If this option interests you visit in the Workshops section.

The Results5 relationships

We would like for all of our relationships to be positive and to get what we want or need from them. The purpose of removing the negative energies attached to any relationship is not to create a specific outcome. However it does help to influence the process in a positive way which could affect the results so that they are more aligned with the highest good for all.


May all your relationships be loving,