Real Life Ghost Stories

Real Life Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories from Real People

During the past 10 years or so, I have heard many ghost stories from people. Some people say they have never told anyone and then go into sharing their ghostly experiences. I am really surprised by how common it is for people to have a supernatural or paranormal experiences. I am also surprised with what some people have had to live with in terms of haunted homes. As you are likely aware, we offer a free evaluation of people’s homes and their own energy fields, to see if they have any spirits or negative energies attached to their energy fields. Since many of you are interested in stories, I thought that I would share with you some of the problems people have faced and what energies were present causing these experiences. I have edited some of the stories for clarity or length but the information presented is in their words. Enjoy the stories.

Too Much Haunting to Handle

This story comes from a woman who lives with her daughter in Texas, USA. The free evaluation submission form read: Hearing noises in attic.  Scratches appearing on back of neck, hands, legs.  Woke up with bruises.  Seeing orbs of orange color with tentacles falling from it.  Lights flickering on off.  Cold chills for no apparent reason.  My daughter saw a black blob looking thing in her room.  My son was pushed by something unknown and unseen in the hallway coming out of the bedroom.  I went to turn down the radio in my living room and a scratch appeared on my hand of an upside down cross. A friend and I had come to my house after work and looking down the hall in my bedroom was a ray of orange light swooshing around for about 5 minutes or more.  Another incident upon me arriving home from the store, I saw a woman’s face look at me.  She had long hair had a white dinghy looking dress. ghost stairs I have felt on several occasions that someone or something gets into bed with me.  I saw a big dark shadow figure on the other side of the shower curtain in the front bathroom. My son was home alone and heard all the doors and cabinets opening and closing, at night and no one was here but him.  He tried calling me and my boyfriend’s cell phone at the time it was happening but our phones never rang.  Ugly arguments have happened where we have said things and done things we never would do or say.  It is like something or someone takes us over at times. The spirits or negative energies present in the home and personal energy fields were:

  1. There were 5 of what we call negative energetic beings.
  2. There was one non-material realm energy where this type of energy belongs here and resides in “the same space” as we do. Most of the time we don’t interfere with one another but on occasion we collide and it attaches unintentionally. They disrupt the frequency of our energy field and therefore need to be detached.
  3. There were 42 energetic cords or connections drawing energy unnecessarily from their personal energy fields.

Irish Nightmares

The following is from a young woman living in rural Ireland. The free evaluation form read: I have been searching over the internet trying to find out if there may be something out of the ordinary happening in my home, something supernatural and I came across your website. I have been living in my current house for around 10 years, since I was 7 years old. The house is situated in the country side in Ireland around 4 km from our local town. Ever since I moved into the house with my mother and stepfather, I would be feeling/hearing things. Just to make things clear, I have always been a firm believer of  the supernatural and I’m a very sensitive person when it comes to the supernatural world. Starting off with one of the first things when I’d just moved in, I’d be laying in bed trying to fall Ghost watchingasleep in the dead darkness facing the wall and I would be hearing a faint whispering/breathing right in my ear. It literally felt that it was IN my ear. All I could do is lay in bed like a stone and not move an inch with my heart racing because of the fear I had. As I got older, lots of different things have occurred. Sometimes I would hear a sound that sounded somewhat like a pebble was being thrown at my bedroom door from the other side, feet shuffling under my bed, scratching coming from my closet, thumps in the attic above my room, and an extreme feeling that I was being watched all the time. When my cousin and friend started feeling/hearing/seeing the same things I have, I became a bit more sure that there is someone that’s uninvited. My friend and I would be home alone and we would hear a crazy loud shuffling sound coming from the bathroom near my room that would come out of nowhere. The other time he was having a smoke through my bedroom window and both of us saw this human-like white faint figure dart past the garden and we immediately closed the window and blinds.

Apart from all these little signs like hearing someone walking on the pebbles in my driveway at night, there was two things that really made my heart sink. The first thing was a woman-like voice shrieking outside near my window at night and I was lucky enough to have caught on tape. I have showed it to my mother and friends but they are unsure what to make of it. The second thing was when my 24 year old stepbrother and I were sitting in the kitchen at around 3am after watching TV. The next thing we hear is a concrete knock on our door. We quickly rush over to look outside the glass door, and yes of course, no one is there. It would be impossible for a person to run away this quick, without hearing any running on the stones in the driveway, or to get away from our door that had the light on outside without us seeing them.

My room has always been the coldest in the house, and always had that negative feeling. When I dream, its mostly grim and scary nightmares. Sometimes I open my eyes in the darkness and see a disfigured shadow person, just beside my face, but its hard to tell whether it is what it is or if its my eyes playing tricks on me. I feel like whatever is happening in my home is affecting my behavior. I would just get random days out of the blue when I’m completely depressed, real-peoplecan’t eat and have feelings of stepping away from life and the next day I would be completely fine. But when I am home my anger is constant,( more anger than happiness). I will respond to people in my home in an angry manner to the simplest questions. I really do feel like there is a lot of negativity in my house, especially in my room.

I would like to ask for your opinion on this, what do you think could be happening in my house? Could it be supernatural/the negative energy latched onto the house etc. Or could it be just my own mind playing me? Your help is very much appreciated! Thank you.

The energies present in the energy field of the home and those living there were:

  1. There were 23 earthbound spirits, some of whom were children.
  2. There was one of what we call a negative energetic being.
  3. There was one “unidentified” negative energy.
  4. There was one curse energy from a past lifetime.
  5. There were 40 energetic cords or connections drawing energy unnecessarily.

Ghosts from ‘Down Under’

This story is from a young family living in Australia. The free evaluation form read as follows: I’m a little freaked out in my house at the moment, there’s been a number of odd things happening which I cant seem to see why they’re happening. For example: hearing drawers opening when I’m home alone; the front door opening on its own when it’s locked and not windy; and, belts falling off the rack when they’ve been buckled on. Ghosts in the KitchenI get a tingly sensation on my shoulder when I’m in my kitchen cooking and when I’m home alone. The latest freaky moment is finding a spot of blood on my kitchen bench after I’ve cleaned it and had no one or nothing put on it, plus it won’t wipe off properly. I was just wondering if you could shed some light on what might be going on. I’d just like to know my 5 month old son is safe in our house.

There were 7 earthbound spirits attached to the home, all were between the ages of 80 and 90 when they died and their presence had something to do with the property itself. Apparently, it was the site of a family burial ground from about 70 to 100 years ago.

These are just three of the many stories that have come my way through the free evaluations that I offer. Now that you have read these, do you not also find it interesting the extent of the haunting experiences people are living with. I hope that you enjoyed the ghost stories and if you like, you could share your own story in the comment section below, I believe that the more we talk about or share our paranormal experiences the more we will realize just how common these experiences are. I will share some other stories in one of my next articles.

Much love,