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Sacred Earth Land Healing

‘Sick land’ negatively affects everyone.

HHH_landOver the centuries, mankind has dug and clawed and pierced this planet for its resources and left the land deeply scarred. Our presence is slowly destroying our world. This is not new information – scientists and ecologists have been telling us for decades how our actions are affecting this earth.

We are also making our earth energetically sick in other ways. Our negative thoughts, words and actions are polluting our land energetically and critically wounding its energetic spirit.

For many years we, at Healing Haunted Houses, have conducted energetic clearings of personal energy fields, homes, buildings and land. Recently, especially during this past couple of years of energetic shifts, we have been presented with the need not only for energy clearings but also the need to conduct Energetic Healings for the land.

An energetic healing differs from a clearing through a process which accesses a deeper energetic level that not only removes negative energetic attachments, but heals the vibration of trauma that is embedded in the land. Sites of massacre, ritual killings, deep violence and other atrocities hold a negative residual vibration…and this vibration can remain in the ground far longer than historical memory. As mankind continues to inhabit and exploit more of the earth, the number of energetically affected sites is increasing…to a critical point. Mother Earth, Gaia, the Scared Earth is calling out for healing…we only need to listen.

How does it affect you?

The impact of living on land that is unhealed or carrying scars from the trauma of previous events can affect all those who live or work there, including people’s health, their relationships, personal or business financial success, the growth of crops or the health of livestock,  and even the success of a residential development. The trauma could be as a result of terraforming the land for modern industry, ancient dark rituals, mining, logging or other unknown event.  The traumatizing event could have taken place recently or even centuries before with the residual negative energy permeating the surrounding land and anything on it.

Bad soil?

Have you ever driven by a lush yellow canola field only to see an area, or section, that despite extra attention and care, the yield remains poor? Farmers can grow a perfect crop of wheat, or fruit, or corn only to discover that in one area of their land, the grain or produce grows malformed, or is stunted despite consistent seed and growing practices. Some farmers would call such places ‘bad soil’ and leave the spot empty. Perhaps it isn’t just the soil but the energy of the land. Similarly, the health of livestock can be affected from grazing or being penned on land with negative energy. Most animals can sense sickness in the ground and will naturally avoid an area that is energetically traumatized.

Your Real Estate?

Clients contact us to say that ever since they moved into their new home they have had illness, bad luck and disharmony in the family – none of which were present in their previous house. New housing developments or subdivisions can be affected, particularly from terraforming the land to create the subdivision. A new housing project may have all the right plans and attractive features yet the properties don’t sell or the homes remain vacant. Whole neighbourhoods can be affected…yet no one realizes that their neighbours are experiencing some of the same affects and no one thinks their problems could be related to the negative energy in the land.

Your Business?

In most cities there is a corner or location where a business or industry existed and did well for many years then all of a sudden it failed. New owners take over and the business fails again. Someone else buys the building, renovates it for a completely different industry and it too fails. This cycle of failure continues until eventually, the building and parcel of land stand vacant and deserted. Were the failures because of mismanagement, the industry, poor economy, or because of the negative energy of site itself?

Some of our experiences…

The new owners of a home along the New England coast lost two pets within the first month of moving in. A strange sickness that couldn’t be diagnosed by doctors and an evil presence in the house prompted a call asking to heal it. Through the healing session it was discovered that the property held centuries of residual dark magic energy. During the 1700’s the site was used for witchcraft rituals and torture.

In Australia, a region of land was healed of residual negative energy resulting from when the new settlers from Europe took over the continent and exploited the land and its people. A prison for the mentally insane was erected on the site where a host of atrocities were committed. The current residents had experienced health problems and continual bad luck. During the healing it was learned that the land had been cursed by the aboriginal people who had been driven from their homes.

In British Columbia Canada, despite numerous shamanic clearings and visits from feng shui specialists, a home and property felt forever uncomfortable and the surrounding woods looked always grey and were devoid of wildlife. A healing of the property revealed residual negative energy from a dark energetic force and from the energetic residue of a war that took place on the property. The land also suffered from the ground piercing installation of a geothermal heating/cooling system on the property, as well as severe neglect by a previous owner decades earlier. After healing the land, the woods appeared much greener and the birds and wildlife returned in abundance.

How it works

In all cases, an energetic healing of the earth requires our presence on the land. Most of the land healing sessions we conduct require that we walk the land in person to identify the areas of trauma, or negative energy. Some healings might need to be conducted in tiers, or layers, which require several visits over the course of a few days or so to remove deep trauma. In some instances there are residual layers of energies that need to be cleared after the land healing is completed.


The cost of a Sacred Earth Land Healing session depends on the extent of the healing to be done. Fees for clearing a piece of land are $995.00, plus any travel, accommodation, and other expenses. Most energetic healings of land require multiple sessions over a several days. Others can be more challenging depending upon the extent of the negative energy inflicted, or present in the land.


For more information or to inquire about your property or land receiving an energetic healing, please contact Michael Rowland about Sacred Earth Land Healing at This is a sacred process of energetic healing which requires time, focus and a connection with the land.

People need the planet; the planet does not need people.

We’ve all heard the terms; Mother Nature, Mother Earth, Gaia, the Sacred Earth….many cultures refer to our earth as having consciousness…because it does have a consciousness…and it’s crying out for healing.