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Setting Sacred Space & Protection


$15.97 (PDF) or $27.97 (PDF + Audio)

This process is a “must do” for anyone who is energetically sensitive or conducting any kind of energy work. If you don’t do anything else, do this.

Setting sacred space on a daily basis can help to prevent the attachment of ghosts or spirits; entities; or other negative energies. Once you have cleared your own energy field, or that of your home, it is a means of keeping it clear. This process will also help to prevent energies from attaching and returning with you if you have a tendency to “travel” while you are sleeping.

The process guides you through a 3-step combination of grounding your energy, centering and focusing your energetic field, and creating sacred space in which you are energetically protected from negative energies or outside energetic influences that do not serve you. Grounding, centering and creating sacred space is the first step in each of the other processes offered here.