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Comprehensive Clearing Session for your Business


The success or failure of any business is as a result of a wide variety of factors. One aspect that is often overlooked with respect to the growth or success of a business is making sure that it is clear of any negative energies that do not belong and might be causing a negative effect. A clearing of these energies can go a long way to enhancing the positive impact of a business or organization.

A clearing session for your business includes:

  • clearing the energy of the business name
  • clearing the energy of the organization or company
  • clearing the energy of the office space, or building and furniture
  • clearing the business relationships with suppliers and employees

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  • Energetic Clearing of Ghosts and Negative Energies from Your Business

    By filling out this form you are requesting and giving permission for an energetic clearing session to remove the presence of ghosts or earthbound spirits, entities, negative energies and other paranormal activity from all aspects of your business and its relationships. You further affirm that you are the owner of the business or the person responsible for the complete operations of the business.

    It is important for you to fill out all of the information in order for us to accurately identify and remove any energetic presence that exists and is affecting the business in a negative way. All information is kept strictly confidential. We request your patience as we receive many requests. Please allow about a week or so for the report.
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  • Please note:
    All energies that are removed are then crossed-over or permanently returned to their source, so we can be sure that they will not be back. Once the spirits or negative energies are cleared, the person and their environment start to feel better. Sometimes this happens right away, or it can take some time to physically integrate the change in energy. An energetic clearing will not resolve all issues and problems. A clearing session just removes any outside energetic influences that may be affecting different areas of your business.

    A clearing of your business does not include the management staff, the employees, or the shareholders. Permission is required from each person before accessing their energy field.

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Have you ever thought about negative energies being attached to and affecting your business? I am not talking about the physical assets of your business such as building or furniture, although they too can have energies attached. No, I am talking about the non-physical business, the name, the organization, the energy of the business. After all, everything  is made up of energy and as such, negative energies can attach to the energy of the business and affect its success.

Businesses and organizations are energetic systems that spread out, that transfer energy back and forth among its employees, its suppliers, and its customers. If there are negative energies attached to the business or organization, they can affect everyone and everything that is connected to this system.

All clearing sessions for your business are done on a remote basis. Once the ‘clearing’ session is complete, a summary report of the session is sent to you by email that covers what energies were removed, including ghosts, earthbound spirits, negative energies, curses, or other supernatural energies that could have been having a negative effect on your business.  The report also provides you with any additional information that was obtained during the clearing process.


A business clearing does not include the management staff, the employees, or the shareholders. Permission is required from each person before accessing their energy field.

In some circumstances or situations more than one session may be required to remove all of the spirits or energies in the energy field of a business or organization. Sometimes there are layers to the clearing where one layer needs to be cleared before the energies in the next layer show up. It is possible for there to be days or even weeks between clearings. In these cases each clearing is a new session with an additional charge.