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Comprehensive Personalized Energy Clearing

We only remove energies that do not serve you or are not in your highest and best good during a clearing session. There might be other ‘positive’ energies connected or around you such as ‘Guardian Angels’ but we do not look for them or request any information from them.

All energies that are removed are then crossed-over, returned to their point of origin, or permanently returned to their source, so we can be sure that they will not be back. Once the spirit or negative energy is cleared, the person or their environment starts to feel better. Sometimes this happens right away, or it can take some time to physically integrate the change in energy. You may feel an immediate and significant change from the work that was done, or the changes might be more subtle and take a few days for you to become aware. There are some people who seem to have no conscious experience of the shift in energy.

Comprehensive & Thorough Clearing

Because earthbound spirits and negative energies can transfer from person to person, or house to person, or vice versa, we check all of the energy fields in what we call your ‘energetic system’ including:

  • The property
  • The house and any other structures
  • All furniture and possessions, including vehicles
  • Your own energy field
  • The energy fields of other people living in the residence
  • Any pets or animals that you might have

Our process is thorough to ensure that all of the non-serving energies are identified and then removed. We start the process by creating sacred space and protection to make sure that no other energies come in or interfere with the process. We check for and remove the following:

  • Energetic cords or connections that do not serve
  • Ghosts and spirits that are attached to the energy field
  • Negative energies or entities affecting the energy field

Once the clearing has been completed and all energies have been removed, we heal and seal the energy field from the impact of the energies as well as any impact from their removal.


The Report

A report is sent to you outlining for each person what energies were attached, their potential impact, and any other information that might come up during a clearing session. We ask that about a week or so later you contact us to ensure all is peaceful and you are no longer having the experiences you indicated. In most cases all becomes quiet and the issue is resolved.


Sessions Conducted Remotely

All clearing sessions are conducted remotely; we do not need to visit you or your home in person. Working remotely is sort of like making a long distance energetic call where we can access your energy field and that of your home. Because everything is essentially energy, and energy virtually takes no time to travel, the connection can be made almost instantaneously. There is a process we use to ground, center, and create sacred space and protection. As part of this process, a unified energy field is created between your energy field, or that of your home, and ours therefore allowing us to check your field.


The Experience & Results

An energetic clearing will not resolve all of life’s issues and problems. A clearing session just removes any outside energetic influences that may be affecting different areas of your life. Other types of energetic sessions to remove the blocks within your energy field may also be necessary for your life to unfold more successfully and more easily.

Every person’s experience of a clearing session is unique and different. The results or outcomes are dependent upon several factors including their particular situation, what energies are attached, their beliefs, their willingness to let go, their personal journey, and what is in their highest well-being. Since we do not control all of the factors, we cannot guarantee any specific outcomes.

In some circumstances or situations more than one session may be required to remove all of the spirits or negative energies in the energy field of a property or a person. Sometimes there are layers to the clearing and one layer needs to be cleared before the energies in the next layer show up. It is possible for there to be days or even weeks between clearings. In most of these cases each additional clearing requires a new session.

Lifestyle also has a role to play in energies attaching to a person’s energy field. The places they visit such as the mall, or hospital, or other crowded public places are full of energies that may or may not attach. Leading a positive life and thinking good thoughts about yourself and others can reduce the types and numbers of energies that might attach.

Multiple Sessions

Many people believe that one clearing session removes every possible thing attached to the home or personal energy field. A clearing can only clear away negative energies or earthbound spirits that no longer serve you and only those which the body or energy field is prepared to release. It appears that we, as human beings, can only handle so much of an energetic shift before we suffer some negative outcomes on the physical level. Because of this, negative energies may have to be removed in layers.

As much as clearing a person’s energy field can make an immediate and significant difference, lifestyle also has a role to play in energies attaching to a person’s energy field. The places they visit such as the mall, or hospital, or other crowded public places are full of energies that may, or may not, attach. Additional clearing sessions down the road might be required. We recommend that a person has their energy field and that of their home checked about every 3 to 4 months, or you can learn to do it for yourself and clear your field at any time.