New Energy Clearing Programs

Being Clearly You – Energy Clearing Courses

 In a world that is continually applying pressure to conform and be a follower, it can be difficult to overcome the pressure and be who you truly are; a unique individual with an important contribution to make to all of us. I believe that the whole purpose of this life is to learn about our uniqueness at a core level. Even though at a deep level we are all “One”, we are also a unique and individual expression of that “One”. All of our experiences, trials and tribulations, joys and sorrows are so we can learn about who we are and express our authentic selves in every situation; in every relationship; all the time. It is only through this expression of ourselves that we can share our individual ‘gifts’ with each other, our society and the world. Much of what we experience has its roots in our energetic field. Some of these experiences help us to grow and learn who we are. Others can be caused by outside energetic influences on our energy field. These “negative” energies, or energies that do not serve us can affect our well being in several areas of our lives.

Do you experience… 

  • Unexplained irritability, tension, or anger
  • Undue anxiety and stress
  • A feeling of overwhelm or burnout
  • Feelings of exhaustion or low energy for no reason
  • Physical pain, headaches with no explanation
  • Recurring bad dreams
  • An overall sense of unease or negativity
  • Feel like you can’t move forward in your life, no matter how hard you try?
  • Or, other unexplained malady…

You may be experiencing the effects of negative energetic influences.

Removing Outside Influences

How would like to:

  • Go through each day feeling grounded, centered and focused
  • Feel more fulfilled and at peace in all your relationships
  • Experience more vitality and vigor in your body
  • Have greater clarity in the direction you’re taking in life
  • Take steps toward your life goals with a feeling of excitement and anticipation

You can do it.

We have developed two courses designed to empower you and your family, or others that you care about. Learn to clear your own energy field and then, learn to clear the fields of your family and friends. The first is an online course, Being Clearly You – Clearing your own energy field and announcing, and Being Clearly You – Clearing other peoples’ energy fields.

Clearing your own energy field

Learning to clear your own energy field will help to empower you to be clearly who you are. Clearing your energy field will remove any outside energetic influences that do not serve you and are preventing you from authentically being who you are at an energetic level. These outside energetic influences can magnify your own negative thoughts, feelings and beliefs thus affecting your behavior. Energetic influences can affect several aspects of your life, including your emotions, your physical well-being, your relationships, your success and more. By learning to clear your energy field and the energy field of your home you can start to take control of your own energetic well-being anytime you feel that something might be a little “off”, without being dependent on others for this. The energetic clearing is a powerful first step in being clearly you at a core level. So, take a quick look at the information then register for the course. If after reviewing the information, you don’t feel that this course fits for you, or if you are not ready at this time, that is perfectly okay. I know that you will become ready to step into your own power in your own time. Your journey is yours and yours alone to have. I respect that. That being said, I urge you not to wait too long. Time passes quickly and realistically there is no better time, than right now, to start taking some control of your life and being clearly you.


Live and In-Person 

Working with Other People’s Energy Fields

An in-depth 2-day weekend workshop, presented by Michael “the Ghost Guy” Rowland. Clear your family and friends of any energies that might be affecting their physical or emotional wellness, their relationships, their success and other areas of their lives. These outside negative energetic influences, when attached to a person’s energy field or their home, can and will have an impact on their wellbeing. These energies can be in the form of negative thought form energies, curse energy, negative energetic imprints, ghosts or spirits, as well as other forms. Learn to work with other people’s energy fields and clear their fields of energies that do not serve them.  Whether you take this to benefit your family or to add the process to your already established healing modality, you can have a positive impact on those people around you.

Learn about:

  • Requesting/Obtaining permissions
  • Review of the main types of energies and their impact
  • Methods for grounding, centering, creating sacred space and protection
  • Removing spirits and negative energies from other people’s energy fields
  • Impacts of actions and thoughts on another’s energy field
  • Healing curses – yours and others’
  • Distance clearing
  • Developing and using your own intuitive abilities.
  • Balancing another person’s energy field, and lots more.

Learn to work with another’s energy field to enhance their well being, while developing your own unique intuitive abilities. *Prerequisite is the Being Clearly You – Level 1 Online Course **Due to the amount of hands-on practice and individual attention, registration is limited to a maximum of 18 people. Email us for more information, registration and cost.

So, I urge you to make a difference in your own life as well as those you care about. Learn how to effectively clear the energy fields of family and friends. I wish you love on your journey, no matter where it takes you.

Much Love,