New Energy Activities

In addition to the energy healing and clearing work with ghosts and spirits that I have been doing for many years, I have recently started an energy healing clinic called The NRG Wellness Group. Along with my partner Terri, we offer a variety of hands-on and energy healing services, including; reflexology for adults and babies, the Bowen Healing Technique, Creative Attitudes emotional healing, ‘Rife’ Frequency sessions and the most interesting, high tech healing device called TheraPhi.  I will continue with the work and services currently offered at Healing Haunted with a portion of my time also being devoted to The NRG Wellness Group.


The NRG Wellness Group announces TheraPhi in Kelowna, BC

I am most excited about being able to offer sessions using the TheraPhi regenerative field device. This new device has only been available for about 3 years and there are only around 30 units in the world, at this time. The TheraPhi is a unique combination of Nikola Tesla, Royal Raymond Rife, Antoine Priore technologies, and more, producing a gentle yet powerful plasma field that enhances cell regeneration and metabolism. A Tesla coil supercharges two plasma tubes filled with noble gases producing two counter rotating toroidal fields.  A large, non-invasive energy field is created that people lay in for brief periods of time. The energy field is implosive, meaning it is fully supportive of life, the model of nature. It is also negentropic; it creates order out of disorder. At the cellular level, cells in a state of disorder (dysfunction) are “time reversed” back to their original state of order, improving their function. The body naturally achieves relaxation, self-regulation and balance.

Benefits of TheraPhi

TheraPhi LogoTheraPhi works on all levels of a person’s being, including; the physical, the emotional, and the energetic levels.  Some of the many potential benefits of TheraPhi are natural pain control, reduced inflammation, reduction in shock from traumatic experiences, increased circulation, enhanced immune system function, restoration to a natural state of bliss, and more. Since we received the unit in February, we have seen many positive results with people who have had concussions or brain injuries.

Contacting the NRG Wellness Group

The NRG Wellness Group does not have a web site at this time. We are promoting through word of mouth and health/wellness shows. If you have any questions about the NRG Wellness Group, contact me by email or through this site. I am really looking forward to empowering more people, in new ways, to live healthier, happier lives.  

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