After a clearing session, some people have said that they still feel negative energies or spirits around them. Sometimes after some further investigation we find another layer of energies that need to be removed. It appears that some of us, particularly those who are energetically sensitive, can only handle so much of an energetic shift before we suffer some negative outcomes on the physical level. Because of this situation, negative energies may have to be removed in layers.

Entities That Serve

However, on occasion, we find that there are negative energies, or earthbound spirits serving that person or benefiting that person in some way. In our initial review and clearing we only look for those energies that do not serve. We do not look for those energies that are serving a person. There are two types of energies that can be serving a person. One type is those energies that we might perceive as angels, plasma beings, or light beings who are around all of us at various times in our lives. The others are earthbound spirits or negative energies that can be serving us and those are what I would like to discuss here.

Negative energies can create adversity in our lives, by magnifying or amplifying our own negative thoughts, beliefs, emotions and as a result it affects our actions. Sometimes we as human beings need to experience some adversity in our lives and through overcoming this adversity we move into a greater version of ourselves. Once we overcome the adversity these “adversarial energies” are either released naturally or in some cases need to be removed with some assistance.

Spirit Serves a Man

I have had cases where an earthbound spirit attached to someone’s energy field is being of assistance to them. In one instance, a man had requested a clearing session because at times he could smell cigarette some around him and he did not smoke, as well he lived alone. So, the ‘smoke’ could not be coming from someone else.

A clearing session was conducted and his energy field was clear of energies that were not serving him. After a few days, he could still smell the ‘smoke’ and upon further investigation we discovered that there was in fact an earthbound spirit attached to his energy field but it was serving his wellbeing. The spirit was that of an Female, age 71, died in 1963, attached to his field in 1965, a smoker, died of lung cancer, she died in the Okanagan Valley, she apparently was a stubborn and cantankerous woman. She loved smoking. She stayed behind because she just wasn’t ready to go (not done smoking). She attached to him because he reminded her of her husband.

The way in which this earthbound spirit was serving him was by helping him to know when he was giving away his power to someone else or to a situation he was experiencing. At these times, he would smell cigarette smoke and then look at what way he was giving up his personal power. This was several years ago and to this day the spirit is still serving him in this way.

Having negative energies or spirits serving someone is quite rare but it does happen. In most cases though these non-serving energies that attach to our energy fields affect us and our lives negatively and need to be removed.

I believe that our well-being at the energetic level is important and can be even more important that our physical health. Usually any physical ailment got its start in our energetic field and that by the time we experience it at the physical level, the issue has been in the energetic field for quite some time. Therefore, if we look after our energetic health, our physical health will follow.

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