Murdered and Now Punished

Compassion…not punishment.

 “As for the entity you picked up on me, you are absolutely correct.  She is connected to me because I talk to her and allow her to stay in my home. She was 27 and murdered by her boyfriend. She is an aboriginal and she died on the grounds underneath our home. We have a vacant room and due to her anguish she refuses to leave and she has not hurt anyone and does not intend to so I allow her to occupy the vacant space. However if she breaks the rules of which I allow her to stay, she will be punished to leave and pay her consequences on the other side.”
This is the reply we received after conducting a free evaluation for a woman, who is apparently a medium in the United States. I must say that I was first speechless and then felt saddened.  Speechless, because someone who does energy work would be so callous toward a lost soul who had died so traumatically. Saddened, to think that this earthbound spirit who had obviously had a difficult end, was now being treated with no respect, or consideration by someone, who as a medium, might be more understanding and sympathetic to the spirit’s plight. You know that a ghost or earthbound spirit is the soul or essence of a person who was once alive. A person, who laughed, loved, struggled with life and then died. At this point, for some reason, they decided not to cross over. real-peopleIn the case above, it could have been a desire for revenge, or more likely that they were lost, did not know what was happening, or maybe didn’t realize that she was no longer alive. I have been known to remind people that if they become aware of their existence and decide to do nothing, it is sort of like keeping the soul of a person for a pet or for entertainment. I am sure you would not want someone you love, a spouse, your mother, or a family member to be treated in this way.
I am always surprised to find out that there are people, even mediums who believe that when we cross over there is some sort of punishment that we will receive. When the reality, that I believe exists, is that we are all loved while we are here as human beings and that when we are finished here, we move on to that same loving place from where we came. We return to our energetic form and rejoin the Universal energy that is love. I am frequently considered a “unique” individual, some call me crazy. I have to admit that these criticisms get to me, but you know I wouldn’t want it any other way. I believe that helping these earthbound spirits and lost souls to complete their journeys is one of the most important things that I could do with my life. I consider it to be sacred work in many ways. Working with a living person’s energy field, sensing the relief and gratitude of the spirits as they cross over is a truly intimate experience. If I could get some kind person to pay my expenses, I would do this work for nothing other than the gratitude I get from doing it. So, please, if you are aware of someone or someplace that has earthbound spirits, encourage them to get someone to help them cross these spirits over.
With a loving heart,The Ghost Guy
P.S. – Just so you know, the spirit in the story at the beginning of this article was crossed over and completed her journey, with love and gratitude.
 Featured image : Art by Ksenia Spanielf