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Over the last 10 years that I have been clearing homes and people’s energy fields, I have discovered that there are many young people who have extra sensory abilities (ESP). Many of these children and young people see things, hear things, sense things and feel things of which many in society and more importantly their parents have no awareness. Now, it is more common for children under the age of 6 or so, to be aware of spirits and other energies in their surroundings.  This is why many find, or develop, a relationship with their “imaginary friends”.   Less common is this awareness among our youth between the ages of 12 and say,Seeing Spirits 16 years of age, or among young people 16 to 20 years of age. 

ESP abilities among our young people may actually be more common than we believe, because many will not reveal that they have these abilities for fear of being ridiculed or being labeled as mentally ill, even by their parents and siblings. Some can see, hear or feel the presence of spirits or other energies; others sense emotions or feelings of people; more will see auras or energy fields around people; and still others will know things that they could not possibly know about people or events. These abilities generally are not believed to be true or validated by parents or peers, these abilities are usually not supported or encouraged, and these abilities therefore cannot be developed, focused or managed to the benefit of the child or youth. Instead, if these young people share their experiences trying to understand what is going on they are sent to counseling by their parents, Lost & Lonelyand shunned by their “friends”, only to become outcasts, withdrawn, and wondering what is wrong with them. Some young people I have known turned to drugs or alcohol to avoid, numb, or drown their experiences.  Others have checked themselves into psychiatric wards to get help to stop their experiences only to end up on other forms of drugs. Still others just drop out of society in general and become those marginal people we all see and avoid. They become the lost, just because no one will listen with an open mind and offer validation, support, or advice.

There are many adults with ESP who as young people also struggled with these issues around their abilities.  They chose to hide or suppress these abilities and have attempted to fit into society with some being more successful at coping than others. Once people become aware of what I do, they start tp open up and share their experiences.  I had a vehicle with Healing Haunted Houses on the sides and back of the truck. I have had hundreds of people come up to me and share their experiences of seeing or hearing spirits, or energies in their home saying something like, “I have never told anyone about this for fear of being considered crazy, but…”.  Many end up sharing their struggles through life because of their unique abilities. My heart goes out to these folks and in particular the youth and children who struggle daily with these gifts, or see them as a curse.

I had one young woman, about the age of 14, send me an email asking me how could she tell her parents about her abilities without having toGifted Children go to counseling. Apparently her parents would not or did not want to believe in such things as spirits or energies, yet this young person was struggling and wanted to tell her parents. Some parents have been somewhat more open to the idea, even if they don’t understand it. I have spent time with several young people discussing their abilities and how they might develop or manage their “gift”. I really believe that they are just relieved to find out that what they sense is accurate and then be able to talk about it with someone.

Because so many of these people have shared their experiences and frustrations over the years I have been spending more time working with people, primarily youth and adults, to help them talk about their experiences, and to understand, manage and develop their abilities.  My desire to help is so strong that one of my goals is to develop a place, both a physical place and one online, where people struggling with their abilities can connect with others who are also struggling, as well as people who have similar abilities and who can help them to learn more about their gifts. In this way these young people can realize that they are not alone, talk to others about their issues and challenges, and embrace their abilities rather than shutting down or running away from them.

Psychic ChildrenIf you are a parent of a gifted child and don’t really understand what is taking place, there are several books about psychic children which can give you some understanding regarding how you can help.  If you are a young person struggling with a gift, please let me know and we can find some way to help.  If you are an adult with a gift that you have yet to understand or manage, contact me and we can discuss what steps you might take. I feel very fortunate to have the gifts that I have and for the work that I do to help others.  I have unknowingly used the gifts that I have most of my life without realizing that not everyone else did the same. I am grateful that my awareness of these gifts happened later in life so I was better prepared and able to adjust to them and use them in a productive way.  I believe that we all have these gifts, some people are just more open to them than others. Thank you for your time.

With love,Angel Child

Michael “The Ghost Guy” Rowland

“Every child comes with the message that God is not yet discouraged of man.”  – Rabindranath Tagore