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Healing Haunted Houses Goes to Panama City Beach

We are pretty excited. We are going to Panama City Beach to present our 2 courses:  Level 1 – Clearing Your Personal Energy Fields; and, Level 2 – Clearing the Energy Fields of Others. We freely admit that what we do is quite unique and may not be for most people. Each and every one of us can do this; we all have the ability; we just need to unlock that ability and practice. We believe that every person could be healthier and happier by keeping their energy field clear of non-serving and unwanted energies.  With the time and energy we have left on this planet, our goal is to empower as many people as possible to take care of themselves energetically.

Why Florida?

About 2 years ago, while participating in the filming of the documentary Healers of the Okanagan, I was fortunate to meet a Panama City Beach2young woman from Panama City Beach who was visiting BC. During the weekend of the filming, this young woman went through a miraculous unfolding of her psychic abilities and reached out to me for assistance to understand what was happening to her. I felt so honored and grateful to witness and take part in this unfolding. We have stayed connected over the last two years and she is now keen to learn how to do what we do. So, we are planning to put together a small class of 12 people in Panama City Beach and teach them to clear their own energy fields.

Why take this course?

Learn to clear your energy field and practice using your own ESP abilities. Each person’s experience of having their energy field cleared tends to be unique and is a function of how and where they have lived their lives. We teach the workshops by providing the information and then practice the techniques with the person’s own unique ability. Some people come into the courses already knowing their abilities and get an opportunity to apply them in a functional and beneficial way.  Others who participate may not be sure of their “gifts” and discover them during the course. The overall purpose of clearing your energy field is to remove from your field the outside energetic debris that negatively influences one’s thoughts, emotions and therefore their actions. A cleared energy field doesn’t mean you won’t still have or experience anger, fear, and negative thoughts, but at least you would be sure that they are your own and not magnified by Join us and change your lifenegative energetic attachments. The benefits of clearing your energy field can be many, including:

  • Releasing negative thoughts or thought patterns
  • Cancelling recurring nightmares
  • Increasing energy levels
  • Releasing negative feelings; fear or low self-worth
  • Reducing fatigue and stress; and so much more

Therefore becoming more of your true self.

WARNING – These courses could change your life….forever!

How you can help us.

The young woman I spoke of above and 2 or 3 of her best friends have already signed up but since this trip is so expensive just to get there, we need to have at least 12 people to sign up for the Level 1 Course to cover just our air fare of getting there and accommodation. So we would like to ask your assistance by sharing this article, telling everyone you know, in or around Panama City Beach that this course is happening and available to them. Cahrei and I both thank you for your assistance.

 Time and resources.

November 16/17 – Energy Clearing Level 1 – a two-day workshop – Cost $400.00 US

  • Learn about energetic grounding, focusing your energy field, creating energetic protection.
  • Learn about the different energies, how they affect us and how to remove them.
  • Identify your dominant ESP ability and use it in a functional way.
  • Participate in practice sessions during the workshop to ensure confidence in using the techniques.

December 7/8 – Energy Clearing Level 2 – a two-day workshop – Cost $400.00 US

  • Removing energies from other’s energy fields and their homes.
  • Distance clearing of people and homes.
  • Permissions and the intricacies of working with other’s energy fields.

Prerequisite is Level 1 – clearing your own fields. Registration and payment in full is required,  for either one or both courses, by October 1, 2013.

Panama City BeachSPECIAL OFFER

If you register for the Level 1 workshop (by October 1, 2013) and the Level 2 workshop at the same time and pay for both, at the time of signing up, you can get $75.00 off the Level 2 workshop (only $325.00 instead of $400.00 US).   This is our first trip to Panama City Beach. I have been to Florida before but this will be the first time teaching there and we are so keen to go see some sights and meet everyone at the courses. With your help we will get there.


Michael “the Ghost Guy”



The Ghost Guy