Interplanetary Cords

interplanetary energetic cords

 Energy Fields, Tones,

               and Energetic Cords

In August of 2012, I wrote about the energetic cords and connections between people and the negative effects those can have on our energy field and our well-being. At the time I believed that these were the main types of cords that affect us on a regular basis. Since then I have had a very strong negative effect from what I will call “interplanetary cords” and feel the need to share that experience in order warn you.

The Problem

I was at a health fair and picked up a CD that was being given away for free. The “music” was supposed to help us to connect more with love. A couple of days later I listened to the CD which had some folk type songs at the beginning and then the last cut on the CD was a series of toning sounds. After listening to the CD, and in particular the last cut, I definitely felt an energy shift of some kind, so I listened to the last cut for a second time. Within about 10 minutes I was feeling very tired and completely drained of energy. I felt really unusual and knew that I needed some help.

The Reason and the Solution

Since I work in the energy business, I called my associate who came over right away. She placed her hands on my shoulders to Interplanetary energy drawsgive me some energy, since I was feeling drained. Within a few seconds she stopped and said that she felt a massive drain on my energy field and that my usually robust energy field felt non-existent. We investigated further using muscle testing and discovered that there were a number of energetic cords attached that were drawing energy from my field. She severed the cords and within a few minutes I was feeling much better, although still somewhat tired. With a little more investigation we discovered that the toning sounds in the CD had opened my energy field to the connecting of these cords and that the cords were coming from outer space or extraterrestrials.

Affecting Others

Now, I am not aware if anyone else, who might have picked up this CD, had a similar experience. My sense of it is that all who listened were affected in a negative way. They may not have felt it to the same extent that I experienced it, or they may not have noticed a shift. Since I work with energy every day, I have developed a heightened sensitivity to energies and shifts in my own field. Interplanetary energetic connectionsMy reason for sharing this event is to alert others who may have had a similar experience and what they can do about it. I also want people to be more aware of tonal sounds because, as well as having a positive influence, they have the potential to open our energy fields to negative energies. I believe that it is important to protect your field from other people’s energy, as well as the negative energies that attach to us. Many of our physical and emotional issues can be caused by these outside influences on our energetic field.


Helping Yourself

I urge you to have severed and healed any cords or energetic connections that do not serve you. Be sure to learn how to protect your energy field if you don’t already know how. There are many methods with some being more effective than others or that may fit better for you. If you have any questions include them in the comment section below or send us an email and we will do our best to provide you with some answers. We don’t have all of the answers but we can give you further insight based upon the work we have been doing for the last several years.

Lots of love to you on your journey in this lifetime.The Ghost Guy

Michael “The Ghost Guy”

P.S. I have since learned that the final track on this CD had been interlaced with the infectious tones at the time of recording by an outside source. It was not the intention of the producers of the CD to have any negative effect on the listeners.