Increase Your Intuitive Abilities

Russian Style PyramidNew! Stainless Steel and Copper Pyramid Kits

We are always trying to present new alternatives for you to increase their intuition or intuitive abilities (ESP) and your overall health – physically, emotionally, and energetically. In this case we are presenting something old that is again new…Nubian style pyramids, also called Russian style pyramids.

Why Russian Style Pyramids?

There are several styles of pyramids; they are all possess healing capabilities. Russian style or Nubian pyramids are precisely Phi ratio, making them more energetically powerful, generating more healing benefits for people, plants, pets and the environment. Additionally, a decade of scientific research by Russian scientists and institutions has proven there are numerous remarkable benefits of Russian style pyramids on health, food, water, crops, land, air, and the environment. For more information about the scientific research click here. Some of the reported findings for the human body are:

  • increased intuition and clarity of mind
  • relief from pain and headaches,
  • improved vision and hearing,
  • better sleep,
  • better response to infections and healing after exposure to viruses and bacteria,
  • deep relaxation in body and mind, and more.

We have found that regular time spent in a pyramid will help to clear your energy field and keep negative energetic influences at bay. Food placed in the pyramid tastes better and lasts longer. Water is purified and tastes sweeter after time in a pyramid. Vitamins charged in a pyramid are more potent.

Pyramid Kits

Hand built in the heart of the Okanagan Valley, these uniquely constructed, easy to assemble and aesthetically pleasing stainless steel and copper pyramid kits are an intriguing healing structure that can be used in your home and back yard to generate healthy benefits for your family, pets and the environment.  Included in the kits are the apex or top piece, the four corner pieces and connectors. You purchase the lengths of stainless steel tube or copper pipe for the base and the uprights, depending upon the size of pyramid you desire. The peak and corners are set at the precise angles for the Russian or Nubian style pyramid, so no matter what size you build, the angles will be correct.

Now you can spend time in your own pyramid every day and among other benefits, increase your intuitive abilities. Another business of ours, the NRG Wellness Group, is producing and selling pyramid kits so that you can easily have your own pyramid in your house or garden.For pricing and other information please visit  Order yours today.

Be well and happy,