Imaginary Friends

Imaginary Friends

“Imaginary Friends”… Real, or Not?

  Many children have imaginary friends and it’s quite common and generally accepted as a part of growing up. But what if imaginary friends are more real than you  may have thought? What if they are still around after 5 years or even 10 years? Ever wonder what or who these imaginary friends are? In my experience of working with a variety of supernatural energies, I have come to believe that most instances of “imaginary friends” are really earthbound spirits who have not crossed-over. Young children are more sensitive and thus, more likely to actually see and interact with earthbound spirits and other energies. They have yet to be conditioned to believe that ghosts or spirits which most people cannot see, therefore do not exist.  Pets are also more sensitive and have been known to run around and ‘play’ with spirits that they can apparently see. Many of the people, who contact me, do so, because they are having problems with one or more of their children. Whether being afraid to sleep in their room or seeing ‘someone’ in their room, or afraid to go into the basement. It is the continued and unexplained fear that motivates parents to call, even if they as parents do not believe in spirits and cannot explain their child’s relationship with their imaginary friend. These imaginary friends can have a positive influence on a child, or can motivate negative behavior as these two stories that follow demonstrate. The following stories shared by a colleague, Betsy, are just two of many experiences with imaginary friends.

 The Imaginary Friend – Fred

Eight years ago when this started a young girl, we will call April, was talking about her imaginary friend. At that time she was three years old and still quite sensitive to the ‘other side’ as most children are. For the next few years she often spoke about her imaginary friend, “Fred”, and told the oddest stories about him. Apparently, Fred spent a great deal of time in the local jail. April said she “saw” him going through the security check point and was able to describe in detail the place that you walk through with bars and you have to take your keys out and put them into a dishImaginary friends playing in house then people watch you walk further through another doorway. She also “saw him talking to a judge and sitting in a place with bars for walls.  ‘Fred’ seemed to spend as much time in jail as out. In her own words she said, “He went to the place where bad people go with bars for walls”. Later when April, now 7 years old, was asked if Fred was still around, she said that he was. It occurred to her mother that ‘Fred’ might be a ghost, or earthbound spirit that had not crossed over after speaking with my colleague.  April’s mother requested some help to confirm one way or the other if April’s “friend” was in fact a spirit of some kind. April was asked if she wanted to see if she could help Fred get to where he wanted to go. April was, of course, eager to help her friend.  It was discovered that Fred was in fact an earthbound spirit and he was eager to cross-over having been trapped here for more than forty years, since his death. Fred was then helped to complete his journey. During the process April was smiling quite widely and she shared how happy Fred was as he left to go into the light.

Connor, The Imaginary Friend

In this instance the child was a young boy named Billy. He was usually a sweet child of around three years old but was apparently developing a series of bad behaviors that got him in trouble several times a day.  Billy would push his baby sister down, intentionally break toys and other things, call people names and was starting to hit others. He spent a great deal of each day in ‘time out’ sessions.  When, asked why he was behaving so badly Billy’s standard response was, “Connor made me do it”.Imaginary Friend supported Billy’s mother was getting so exasperated with Billy’s behavior and his imaginary friend, that she started looking for answers and finally called my colleague. It turned out that Connor, who was Billy’s imaginary friend, was an earthbound spirit attached to Billy, whose named was confirmed as Connor, was five years old at the time of his death. With Billy’s support, Connor was assisted with crossing over and within the next few days Billy’s negative behavior stopped, again became his sweet self, and Connor was never mentioned again.


What To Do With Yours

So as adults we would be well advised to listen more closely to our children when they speak about their imaginary friend. These friends may not be as imaginary as we think and may need to be helped along their way as was done with Alice and Billy. I also believe that we, as adults and parents, need to encourage our children to use their imaginations and support any positive connections they may be experiencing with another dimension. There can be many dimensions and beings that we do not see and we need to refrain from teaching our children that what we cannot see does not exist. In my experience there appears to be a whole lot more going on around us than we ever consider or think about.Imaginary friend positive relationship Please let me know if you have or have had children with imaginary friends and share their stories.

With love as always,

Michael, “the Ghost Guy” Rowland

P.S. Just as an aside, whenever I assist an earthbound spirit to cross-over I get a ‘sense’ of that being. I also get the feeling of immense joy and occasionally I am moved to tears. For me, it is such an honor to assist these spirits to complete their journey.