Sometimes there are stories that challenge even our beliefs.  One such story involved the disappearance of personal belongings.

The Request

We received a request from a couple of ladies whose property was located in the southern US.  They told the story about how many of their personal belongings just started to disappear.  At first, it involved small items like keys and hair brushes.  Then things escalated to much larger items such as a laptop and even a bicycle.  One day these items would be there, and the next day gone.  Worse yet, the items had not been returned and the ladies were quite concerned about what might be happening.

The Story

As we worked on this property and the disappearing items, we were amazed about what was coming up and hesitant to share the story in case the ladies thought we were crazy.  It turned out that there were faeries on the property that were like “boggarts” (not exactly boggarts but something like them).  These particular entities lived on the property and were not harmful by nature.  However, they needed some help, so they started taking items from around the house hoping to get the attention of the people living there.

Now, the ladies could not see these boggart-like entities (we will call them boggarts for this story) because although they lived on the same property, they vibrated at a higher frequency and as such were invisible to our range of vision.  When they ‘took’ an item, it too, would then vibrate out of sight.  So, even though the items were still around the house, the people could not see them.

There was also another layer to this story which was discovered in our evaluation.  Apparently, the boggarts were being held on the property by a malevolent (nasty) witch.  The boggarts needed help to free themselves from the witch’s spell that kept them hostage.

With hesitation, we sent them the results of the free evaluation hoping that the ladies did not think we had lost our minds.

What Needed to Be Done

The people replied, and, to our amazement, confirmed our evaluation of the situation on their property.  They said that knew there was a witch on the property and for quite awhile they had been burying money at several locations around the property to appease her.  What they didn’t know was that there were also boggarts on their property and this same witch was holding the boggarts hostage.  They asked what could be done to resolve their situation.

The solution involved the participation of the clients and it, too, was out of the norm of our experiences.  The ladies needed to start by communicating with the boggarts to request the return of the items that they had taken.  To do this, one of the ladies needed to create a circle in the backyard and place a chair in the center of the circle.  She was to, then, sit in the chair and wait to see if she could sense any interaction.

One of the ladies was in the house doing dishes when the other went to sit in the chair.  Well, as soon as she sat down in the chair, the lady doing the dishes heard the patter of small feet running through the house toward the backyard.  Once the person in the circle connected with the boggarts and started communicating, all of the items which had disappeared started to re-materialize in their home.  The boggarts again confirmed their situation and asked the ladies for their help with removing the witch.

Final Results

After the ladies contacted us again with questions on how to help the boggarts, we came up with a process of doing so.  Removing the witch again involved the participation of the clients along with our assistance.  The ladies were to go and reclaim the money they had buried around the yard and place it into a metal bowl along with paper in the center of the circle that had been created earlier.  In order to make a fairly long story shorter, when the witch entered the circle to claim the money, the ladies lit the paper in the bowl and spoke a few key words to send the witch to her appropriate place in whatever dimension or realm she belonged.

After the ritual had been completed, the energy around the property felt lighter.  Later, the one woman who had previously communicated with the boggarts, returned to the chair in the middle of the circle.  It was here that she was able to reconnect with these entities who expressed their gratitude for setting them free.

This situation involved many emails back and forth as we supported the ladies in completing the work to bring peace to their home and their lives.  They had never done anything like what we had asked them to do but were willing participants and had a unique experience for themselves.  Sometimes in order help a client, they must be actively involved in the process.

Much love,

Michael “The Ghost Guy” Rowland

Course Offering:  Helping Earthbound Spirits “Crossover”

This one-day course offers the opportunity for you to learn how to work with earthbound spirits and to help them “crossover”.

You will learn:

  • How to create sacred space and protection,
  • How to check for spirit presence or attachment,
  • How to find out information about the spirits,
  • How to help spirits complete their journeys,
  • Why some spirits don’t complete their journeys,
  • What impact a spirit can have on a person or home. 

What is an Earthbound Spirit?

An earthbound spirit is the energy or essence of a person who has lived and loved on this plane of existence. There are times when a person dies suddenly or with unresolved issues so powerful that the person’s spirit does not fully ‘crossover into the light’ or complete the journey to their place of origin. They become trapped in between and then need assistance to complete their journey.

About the Facilitator

Michael Rowland comes from a traditional family background.  Initially taking the “success” path to life, he spent 20 plus years as a corporate executive.  Eventually leaving the corporate world behind, Michael founded more than 15 years ago.  He became internationally known and well-respected for his healing work with spirits and negative energies.  Michael has been featured in many newspaper and online articles, and interviewed on radio, television and internet broadcasts.  He has been referred to as the “healers’ healer”.  Now with the NRG Wellness Group, Michael is again offering workshops so others can learn how to work with spirits and negative energies.

When:             Saturday, March 2, 2019

                         9am to 5pm

Where:            Kelowna, British Columbia

Price:               $97.00 CAN + GST

Contact:          Michael – NRG Wellness Group