Signs a Ghost is Attached to a Home

         – Feeling cold spots in the home

         – Feeling like you are being watched/not alone

         – Toys going off and on their own

         – Objects moving on their own or being misplaced

         – The sound of footsteps 

         – Doors/cabinets opening and closing on their own

         – Hearing voices or music 

         – Feeling touched but no one is there

         – Creepy or unsettled feeling in the home

         – Seeing shadows or black masses

What is a ghost?

What is a ghost?  A ghost, or an earthbound spirit as we call them, are the souls or spirit energy of people who for whatever reason have not crossed over.  There are many times when a person dies suddenly or with unresolved issues so powerful that the person does not cross over into the light or complete their journey.  They, in their energy form, remain in the earth or material plane of existence and seem to need help to move on.  Our goal at Healing Haunted Houses is to release the earthbound spirit from the host (house or person) and move it fully into the light, or place of origin, so it can complete its journey.

Are ghosts the same as entities?

Ghosts (earthbound spirits) are not the same as entities. While ghosts were once in human form, entities are not.  They are usually characterized as the energy/spirit of animals such as a pet, farm or a wild animal.  Occasionally, this category is also used for those energies we would call faeries, pixies, etc.  There is also a category of entities called negative non-visible entities which are energetic entities that are not human and live within this dimension but are out of sight. There are many other types or entities as well.  

What do you mean by energy/energy field?

Everything you can experience with your five senses and beyond is made up of energy.  We, as humans, are essentially made up of energy and surrounding our bodies is an energy field.  We are constantly crashing into and through each other’s energy fields as we move and encounter others throughout the day.  When this happens, we may energetically pick up their negativity which can then stay in our energy field affecting our moods and behavior.  Spirits, ghosts and entities are also energies that can move through and attach to a house or person’s energy field. 

What are negative energies?

Simply put, negative energies are energies that affect us in a negative way and do not serve us.  Ghosts/spirits, entities, if their intention is to do harm, are considered negative energies.  Other commonly referred to negative energies include, but are not limited to:

  • Negative Energetic Imprints: A house or land and even a person can often require the removal of negative energetic imprints in addition to, or instead of just the removal of non-material energies such as spirits. These energetic imprints can be caused or superimposed by a variety of situations where the home or the person has been exposed to neglect, abuse, deliberate damage, consistent arguing or fighting and other negative circumstances over a period of time. 

Energetic imprints can be left behind by not only the recent occupants but also by those that lived in the house or on the land before them, possibly from previous generations. If sensitive, the energy of the imprints can be felt or perceived by the new occupants or others entering the house.  Have you ever felt uneasy or uncomfortable when you enter a building, a house or a particular room? Have you ever experienced the feeling of being angry, or anxious for no identifiable reason? Negative energetic imprints can be left behind if there has been a great deal of fighting in the house – physical, verbal, or emotional.   

Other reasons might include drug or alcohol abuse, physical or emotional abuse, or even just the constant bickering of siblings or couples. No matter the cause, negative energetic imprints need to be removed so they do not affect those living in the house.

  • Curse Energies: A home or land can be cursed. A curse is a powerful energetic thought form with a specific purpose that is directed or focused on a specific person, which affects their energy field, and therefore their life.  Any strong thought form held long enough toward someone, or a thought form that is highly charged with emotion can become a curse.
  • Negative Thought Form Energies: In situations where a person holds strong, emotionally charged thoughts, or beliefs, and holds them for a long period of time, they can create a separate energetic form that connects to their energy field and reinforces the negativity. These negative thought form energies can be imprinted on the energy field of a house or the land. This energetic form, which is sustained and magnified by the originator’s own energy, besides drawing upon their energetic resources, can affect the person’s energy field or the energy field of their environment in a negative way.

How do you get rid of ghosts, spirits, entities and negative energies? 

At Healing Haunted Houses, we have a thorough and sacred process that we have used over the past 15 years to help people find peace in their homes and lives.  In addition to checking the house, we check all occupants for any unwanted energies.  We remove the unwanted energies to ensure there is no transference back to the house or person. 

That being said, lifestyle has a role to play in energies attaching to a person’s energy field. The places visited such as the mall, bar, or hospital, or other crowded public places are full of energies that may or may not attach. Leading a positive life and thinking good thoughts about yourself and others can reduce the types and numbers of energies that might attach.

If you feel that you may have something attached to you or your home, just click this Free Evaluation link. Without any obligation, we will check you, your home and your family for any attached energies and send you an e-mailed brief report as to what, if anything is attached.

Much love,

Lisa “The Ghost Gal” Evans


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