House Sitting Horrors – Part 2

Haunted Houses

A Real Haunted House Experience

Submitted By: Gail M. Foster

From Part 1 –  …During the two and a half hours that my husband and the dog were gone, the house seemed to come alive with sounds. I finally phoned a friend and had them stay with me on the telephone while I searched the house in case I screamed she could call the police. I vowed never to be alone in the house and always arranged outings for the same evening as my husband’s meeting night.


Of course, the home had a complete alarm system with sensors set up throughout the house and property. The alarms were never set when the animals were in the house, as their movement would trigger the alarm but little lights on various sensors would light up when anything passed by. From the my usual place in the kitchen, I could see one of the security sensors focused on the grand stairway and was able to see the little green light when the sensor was triggered. We had a guest stay with us one weekend and as I prepared breakfast in the kitchen, I noticed the sensor that focused on the stairway light up. I assumed it was my friend coming down for breakfast and prepared to greet her with a cup of coffee. She didn’t show up until almost an hour later and when I asked if she had been down earlier she said she was still asleep. We hosted the family Christmas in the big house that year. It was the first time we lived in a place large enough for everyone in my family and they were all quite curious to see this fancy house. Of course, with the house full of people, and Christmas songs playing, everyone thought the home was the perfect holiday setting but my two young nephews were quite uncomfortable in the house, stuck close to their father and said the house felt creepy – I agreed with them completely. We had to go out of town for a few days and leave the house empty. We put the animals in kennels or in the care of friends, notified the security company of our absence and set the full alarm system. When we returned from our trip, the security company requested a meeting with us. They told us the security alarm was set off five times in the few days we were away. One time, the team searched the house re-set the alarm system and it went off again before the security officers were able to get into their vehicle. We asked what the problem could be and they had no answer. One officer said, “This security system indicates exactly which alarms are triggered. For example, if someone were ascending or descending the stairs, the upper or lower sensor would trigger first and we could tell if someone was going up or down the stairs. The strange thing about this is that both sensors to the stairway were triggered simultaneously.” When I asked what could cause this the officer said that whatever it was would have to  physically intersect the floor. When I asked again what could cause this the officer was reluctant to answer but the look in his eyes suggested what he thought. I asked if it could be a poltergeist. He looked at his partner and declined to answer.

The security officers asked that we stay in town until the owners returned so they could discuss the situation with them. One day I woke with a terrible headache unable to go to work. My husband had an appointment outside that day which left me at home alone. After several hours in bed, I got up and sat in the library room, again, another room near the top of the grand stairway. While in the library room I heard the footsteps of my husband walking on the main level across the wood floor in hard-sole shoes…or at least I thought it was my husband. I expected him to come see me and ask how I was feeling…but he never showed up. After awhile I stumbled down to the kitchen assuming he was probably watching TV in the next room but he wasn’t there. When he did come home an hour later I asked if he had come home earlier and gone out again and he said he was out for coffee with a friend the whole time. Two other times during the winter season, I heard the footsteps of hard-sole shoes across the wooden floor when no one else was around. I spoke to my husband of all these incidents but he refused to talk about them.

I thought that houses had to be old, or have had terrible things happen in them to be haunted. This house was almost brand new with no history of anything malevolent occurring. I told my boss’s wife about some of the experiences and she said she had a friend with strong psychic abilities. She brought him over to have a look at the house and to view the many antique artifacts. He pointed to a lavish antique wheelchair and said the previous occupant of the chair was so dependent on it in life, their spirit is still attached to it. This chair was near the sixth step of the grand staircase. But, the psychic said that wasn’t the reason for the strange occurrences. There was a vase placed on the sideboard next to wheelchair and the vase carried heavy negative energy that was disturbing the spirit attached to the wheelchair. He said it was the positioning of these two items so close together that was causing the creepy feelings and strange happenings. He recommended moving the vase outside of the house completely. (we later learned that the owners had acquired the vase was just prior to their trip south). I had no idea that energy could attach to objects. We removed the vase but it didn’t fix the creepy feeling in the upstairs hallway or the sounds of footsteps across the wooden floor.

When the owners returned, I was all too glad to get out of that house. They asked us to look after the house again the next year but I refused, politely saying that I had developed allergies to the animals.

Thank you Gail Foster for submitting this story.  Pretty darn creepy if you ask me. Please comment or send us your story or eerie experience by email. I know that experiences with ghosts and spirits are a great deal more common than people let on.   Come on…share!

Much love,

Michael  “the Ghost Guy” Rowland