Healing the Gulf of Mexico

  Before we get too far into the new year of 2014, I would like to share with you one of the most powerful and deeply felt experiences of last year. During 2013 we had many unique and wonderful experiences, met great people, and faced several challenges, but the one that stands out above all the others was when we went down to Panama City Beach in Florida. The experience of healing the waters of the Gulf of Mexico was one of the highlights of the year. During the process, I have never felt so connected to the earth, the water and to Source. Even now, remembering the experience fills me with awe. Although relating the experience and the process is a bit lengthy, I believe that the details and leanings are important for all of us to understand. Prior to going to Panama City Beach to conduct energetic healing workshops, we were guided by at least three people who stated that our presence was required at the ocean. We did not know why, but despite this we were willing to follow the guidance. One of these people, a unique young woman and energy worker, Liza, went even further to say that we absolutely had to go there to heal the waters of the Gulf. My own guidance confirmed that we were to conduct such a healing even though we had no idea how that was to be done. However, we went with an open mind and heart, knowing that all would unfold in the right time.

The Healing Process

Photo0139In the meantime, Liza received guidance as to her role in the healing which was to channel the healing energy through her to us at the beach and in the water here in PCB. Later there were specific instructions for us to conduct the healing, given to us through Liza. I discussed the proposed healing with the group at the workshop, all of who are energy healers already. One woman, Dawna, talked about a dream she had while she was at a workshop in Bali. The dream came over and over again, even when she returned. The dream contained some very specific instructions or movements to conduct the healing. These movements were a part of a yoga movement since this woman teaches yoga, which made sense. She also was picking up seven of a certain kind of rocks that were full of energy. It was after Dawna’s sharing, that I revealed to the group about my own guidance, from several sources, and the proposed idea of healing the Gulf of Mexico.  Talk about amazing coincidences.

Healing the Gulf and OceanSo the 7 of us gathered at the beach, grounded, and  I shared the instructions from Liza that she had received from Source. We set sacred space, we all did some ohm-ing together in a circle holding hands and standing in the shallow water.  As we separated and moved down the beach and into the Gulf, through Source I created an energetic connection among each of us as if we were touching or holding hands. I sent Liza, in British Columbia, a text saying that we were ready. I received a text back from Liza that she was starting.

We followed Dawna in the movements that had come to her in her dream. These movements were breathing in from Source above, and then breathing out into the earth. Then kneeling on one knee with both hands in the sand/water breathing in from the one mother, and then standing up and dawnabreathing out to Source. This was done several times creating an energetic connection between the earth, the sea, and source that ran through each of us. Then we moved deeper into the water with hands lying on the surface of the water (the best we could as it was very rough). One or two went deeper into the water than the others and one person later knelt down in the shallow water. Toward the end of the healing we all joined hands and stood in the waves. The energy flowing from each of us was almost palpable. The healing process took about 25 to 30 minutes (time was not important) and then I texted Liza to say were had completed the healing. At the exact same time, she was just texting us to say it was complete from her end.

The Experience of Healing

Just after we completed the healing, the sun came streaming down through a hole in the clouds as if we were given a message of gulf after healinglove, and gratitude, and light. A short time later, a dense fog began rolling in and in minutes there was a thick blanket of fog over the water and the beach. It was like a blanket of protection or additional healing for the Gulf. Afterwards a couple of people shared that they felt anger coming from the water. They asked forgiveness and the anger subsided, then they sent love to the water. During the process, I could feel the energy flowing, the connection to the water, the connection to the earth, and the connection to love. I let it pour through me and I started to vibrate and shiver, as if I was cold, but I was warm and connected.

The experience was so powerful and profound that there really were no words that could describe what we had gone through. Any words seemed to lessen the depth of the experience. We all shared hugs and gratitude for the experience and our connection to Source, to one another, the sea and the earth. We all could feel that the energy flowing was continuing through us. We really didn’t want to leave but the fog was getting so thick we couldn’t see the beach. We went our separate ways in love and gratitude to all who had participated in the most wonderful and amazing experience.

With deep love and gratitude to Source, to Liza in BC, to the workshop folks for joining us and assisting – LizaLeslie, Joan, Dawna, Mary Jo, Felicia, and to Cahrei. gulfSo much gratitude to mother earth for participating in the healing and to the waters of the gulf for accepting and receiving the energy of healing from all of us. I was so honored to be part of this remarkable event.

Love to you all,      Michael