Halloween Hauntings

Trick and Treat with Who?

As we move closer to Halloween, I usually talk about ghosts being tricks or treats.  This year I would like to share a couple of Halloween short stories about children, because after all Halloween is primarily for children.

The first story or experience is about a mother taking her daughter out to do some trick and treating in their neighborhood.  The mother would walk her daughter from house to house and wait for her on the sidewalk while her daughter went up to the door of the house. After awhile the mother noticed this little boy going up to each door with her daughter. The boy was wearing what appeared to be a pirate costume or some form of historical clothing. He didn’t wear a mask and seemed to be smiling and happy as he traveled from house to house with her daughter. Her mother looked around expecting to see the boy’s parent standing nearby. Now, there were lots of children and parents on the street but none of the parents seemed to be with this little 2boy in old dressboy. The girl’s mother then assumed that the parent might be escorting the boy’s brother or sister and was keeping an eye on him from a distance.

Well the evening progressed and the mother told her daughter that this was the last house for the night. Her mother watched her walk up to the door of the house and then thought ‘funny’ the little boy was nowhere to be seen. She figured that the boy had left to join the rest of his family. When they were walking home the mother asked her daughter about this boy and her daughter looked at her and said, “what boy”. The mother went on to explain about the little boy that she had seen keeping her daughter company as they went around the neighborhood. Her daughter looked at her mother most quizzically and said, “there was no one but me at each door”. With that her mother dropped the subject yet wondered who…what the little boy was.

No Treats

Now the second story is about a mother taking her child, a young boy, around their neighborhood trick and treating. They went from house to house and the mother went part way up each walk and waited while the boy went to the door.  Again there were lots of kids going to each door together and it was sometimes difficult for the mother to keep an eye on her boy.  During the walk between houses the boy talked about one of the kids, another boy, who was at each door and wasn’t taking any of the treats. This other boy would stand with the group of kids but always seemed to be missed when the candy was being handed out. The boy in talking with his mother said that he had even offered some of his candy to the other boy. But this other boy just stood there smiling and then walked to the next house.

3 children T&TAfter the discussion, the mother watched for the other boy at the next house. The kids were crowding at the door so it was difficult to see any particular child. Finally after three more houses, she spotted this young boy about five or six years old just standing off to the side while the other kids crowded around the open door. She watched as the children left the porch of the house, hoping to catch a glimpse of the other boy and possibly his parent. Even though she could easily see her own boy leave the porch and walk down the walkway with the other children, she was did not see the other boy leave.

Concerned the mother kept watching at each home for this other boy and when she spotted him standing on the front porch of this house, she went to the bottom of the steps to wait for him. As the children turned to leave the veranda, she spotted this boy at the back of the group. Her own son came down the steps and asked why she was there. She took her eyes off the other boy to look at her son and when she looked back the other boy was nowhere to be found. She was sure that he hadn’t passed her on the steps but he also wasn’t there.  They finished their evening without seeing the other boy again. She wondered…

Children’s Spirits

In my work, I encounter lots of earthbound spirits of children.  Many died through illness or accidents and some found their fate in other ways. So many of these earthbound children do not realize that they are dead, and end up being bewildered and confused. This is one of several reasons that they do not ‘cross over’ after their death.4red and white ghost

I am truly grateful for being able to help these lost children cross over so they can complete their journeys. In most cases I get feelings about them, or from them as they are escorted across. Sometimes these feelings are very intense and through them I get a sense of what they experienced in life; if they were loved or not, and how they felt when they died. Other times I feel relief and gratitude as they move on.

So I say to you, love your children as much as your heart will allow and then love them some more. When I look back upon raising my own two beautiful girls, and if I was granted a do-over, I would:

  • Hand out less discipline and provide more guidance,
  • Be less fearful and allow them to explore more,
  • Tell them less about what to do and see more of the wonder through them,
  • And in all things be more loving.

Young children are so precious and such a blessing. They are small for what seems like such a short time. Enjoy them; love them at each and every stage of their development. Both of my girls are young adults now and have turned out to be wonderful young women, and not necessarily because of my parenting skills.

Lots of love to you and your family at this Halloween time.The Ghost Guy
Michael Rowland, “The Ghost Guy”