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About Ghosts & Spirits

What are ghosts?

There are many times when a person dies suddenly or with unresolved issues so powerful that the person does not fully crossover into the light or complete the journey to their place of origin. They, in their energy form, remain in the earth or material plane of existence.

Ghosts, or earthbound spirits as well call them, are just that, spirits bound or trapped in the earth plane of existence. There are many reasons that a person’s spirit might not cross-over and include not feeling deserving enough, or staying behind to protect or watch over loved ones, or they may just not realize that they have died. They do not belong here and after being trapped for some time, they usually make their presence known so that they can be helped to complete their journey.

In our experience, the spirits that attach to a property or a person are not necessarily the spirits of people who previously lived in the house, or someone the residents might have known. Sometimes yes, but more often than not the spirits have come from somewhere else. In some cases, the person might have died in the same town or city, sometimes it may be in the same state and other times the person could have died somewhere across the country or on another continent.

Effects of ghosts attaching

In their energy form these ghosts, or earthbound spirits, can opportunistically or accidentally attach to the energy field of a property, a house, or the energy field of a person. When this occurs, the people living in the home or the host person can experience energetic influences of the attached earthbound spirit.

Thoughts, emotions, addictions, or strong habit patterns, even physical feelings of the earthbound spirit (such as arthritis, heart condition, or other ailment) may filter to the host person or any of the occupants of the house or building. Since these influences from the earthbound spirit or spirits come through the energy field and brain of the affected person, this host person cannot usually tell the difference between their own thoughts, or feelings and those of the earthbound spirit.

Generally, when older spirits attach to a person’s energy field or house, the influence of these spirits can be experienced as feeling old, fatigued, sometimes even feeling arthritis or other old age illness or symptoms. Once any spirits are cleared, the person or their environment starts to feel better. Sometimes this happens right away and sometimes it takes 3 to 4 days to integrate the change in energy.

In many cases when someone has died before their time, whether accidentally or not, there is likely a high degree of negative energy being expressed by their spirit. Energies such as anger, hatred, revenge, sadness, or disappointment can affect the host person or those living or visiting the home or property. Even the physical ailments or emotional issues of the spirits can have an effect. These spirits need to be crossed over to reduce any effect they may have on the host person or others.

Ghosts as pets

If people become aware of a ghost’s existence, either attached to their home or their personal energy field and decide to do nothing, it is sort of like keeping the soul of a person for entertainment or like a pet. Surely you would not want your mother or family member treated in this way after they have passed. Usually though, the ghost or spirit makes such a significant impact on the lives of the people or home to which they are attached, most people want to help them to move on.

In all cases, it is important for the ghost or earthbound spirit to be crossed over so that they can finish their journey at this level of existence and return to their appropriate place in the light.

Personalized Energy Clearing

Personalized Energy Clearings and Consultations for Home or Business

The benefit of the comprehensive clearing is that everyone who is living in the home is cleared so any negative energies do not transfer from one person to another or to the home. We do not just scare off these energies, or turn them loose to reattach or find a new host. The energies are returned permanently to their place of origin and cannot return.

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Energetic Tools

Reduce negative energetic influences.

These are a series of processes that will help you to prevent the attachment of entities and negative energies to the energy field of your home or yourself, increase your vibrational frequency and release negative thought patterns. These simple, yet powerful processes are available in both a print ready format, or as an audio, both of which provide you with information and guide you through the process.