Ghosts In Your House

Friendly Ghosts

What is a ghost?

Many people ask what exactly is a ghost? Ghosts or Earthbound Spirits are the souls or spirit energy of people who for whatever reason have not crossed over. They, in their energy form, remain in the earth or material plane of existence. There are many times when a person dies suddenly or with unresolved issues so powerful that the person does not crossover into the light or complete the journey to their place of origin.

Why do spirits stay behind?

There are a variety of reasons that a person’s spirit may not crossover and include not feeling deserving enough to crossover, being judged for the lives they have lived, or staying behind to protect or watch over loved ones. Sometimes they may just not realize that they have died.

Can ghosts attach to property.

Ghosts, spirits or other supernatural energies may opportunistically attach to houses, land, or other structures, even automobiles. When this haunting occurs, in addition to noises, odors and similar phenomena, we believe a person can experience influences of the attached ghost or earthbound energy. When one or more earthbound spirits attach to the energy field of a structure, the influence of their thoughts, feelings, Haunted housesaddictions, or strong habit patterns, even physical feelings may be felt by, and possibly negatively affect, the people living or working in the structure.

Would I know the ghost in my house?

In my experience, the spirits that attach to a property are not necessarily the spirits of people who lived in the house. Sometimes yes, but more often than not the spirits have come from somewhere else. In some cases the person died in the town or city, sometimes it may be in the same state and other times the person could have died across the country somewhere.

Both Old and New Houses can be haunted.

Both older homes and brand new houses can have ghosts.  We expect that older homes can be haunted but it isn’t expected in new homes. However, with newer homes the land may have been a sacred place in previous generations, or as in one case, it was a place where ancient rites were held that were not of a positive nature. Another situation can be where a new home has been built on the land where the former owner had burned the previous house down and the new house picked up the negative energy of the former house. Then, there are houses built on land that have attracted negative energies because of uncontrolled anger, violence of all forms, drug and alcohol abuse or other forms of consistent negativity by the previous occupants. These are just a few of examples of newly constructed houses that needed healing from the previous uses Ghosts in the Kitchenand experiences of the property. Ghosts or other non-material energies can also just drop in and decide to stay for no apparent reason.

 Why have the ghosts removed?

Earthbound spirits are just that, spirits bound or trapped in the earth plane of existence and at his point need assistance to cross-over.  As mentioned earlier, the energy of these spirits can negatively affect the people living in the house or on the property.  These energies do not belong here and usually make their presence known so that they can be crossed over to complete their journey.  Since a ghost, or an earthbound spirit is the soul or spirit of a person who has died, if people become aware of their existence and decide to do nothing, it is sort of like keeping the soul of a person for a pet. How would you like this to happen to your spirit or that of a loved one? Usually though the spirit makes such a significant impact on the lives of the people or home to which they are attached, most people want to help them to move on. We consider releasing these spirits and returning them to their source to be sacred and important work.

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The Ghost Guy