A recent case came across my desk from a couple who rarely had nighttime dreams, but for several consecutive nights prior to them contacting us, both had disturbing dreams of people of the same ethnicity, dress and ancient time period. The dream left the couples sleep quite disrupted and while unafraid, they were curious as to whether or not the dreams were mere coincidence or if something more was happening.  A subsequent clearing session revealed the dreams involved ghosts or earthbound spirits who were attached to the home but were making themselves known to the couple through their dream state. 

How Do I Know if a Ghost Has Attached to Me in My Sleep?

We have all heard of a story of a departed loved one who comes to visit in a dream to deliver a message to help guide us in life.  These experiences tend to serve us and are sweet reminders that our departed loved ones are always with us even in death.  The visit of a ghost or earthbound spirit during the dream state usually feels different and it does not serve us.  It might be the ghost of someone you knew or a complete stranger. The experience may feel more negative in nature as all the ailments and emotions that the earthbound spirit carried in life may be felt by the person who is doing the dreaming.  Below are some of the signs that a ghost may have attached to you in your sleep:

  • Dreams that are out of the ordinary and more negative in nature
  • Your energy has shifted. Upon waking you may experience unusual irritability, anger, sadness, loneliness, or other types of negative emotions for no apparent reason
  • You might just feel off and not be able to let go of the dream experience
  • The energy of your home has shifted and may feel “heavier” signaling the energy of the earthbound spirit has transferred from you to the home.

For more information on other signs that a ghost may be attached to you see the blog entitled “Ghosts Attaching to People”.

How Can a Ghost Attach to a Person in their Sleep?

When we are awake ghosts or earthbound spirits can attach to a person’s energy field, particularly when their vibrational energy is low such as during times of illness, trauma, stress, or when a person is carrying negative emotions.  As like attracts like, the person may become a host for like earthbound spirits and other types of negative energies.

When we are sleeping, it is not unusual for some people to awaken from a dream and have a ghost, spirit, or other negative energy attached to their energy field.  When we go to sleep and dream, our energy field is more open and may be unprotected.  In the dream state we can travel to other dimensions and realms where we might pick up an unwanted energetic “hitchhiker”.  All that attaches during this time, then needs to be removed.

It is important to know that ghosts or earthbound spirits are not to be feared.  They are simply a person like you and I who once lived but who are now trapped on this earth plane of existence and have not completed their journey to the other side.  In this condition these ghosts may opportunistically or accidentally attach to a person’s energy field which can affect the host in negative ways. 

Can a Ghost Cause Harm in my Sleep?

For the most part no. However, once attached they negatively influence the health and wellness of the host over time because the ailments, or negative emotions of the ghost or earthbound spirit may transfer to the host.

Some people have reported receiving scratches in sleep, or wake up in the night and can’t move. These types of experiences are rare occurrences but they do happen.

How Can I Protect Myself from a Ghost Attaching in my Sleep?

Setting Sacred Space as a nighttime ritual, or creating protection through prayer, or calling in your angels or spirit guides, are just some of the ways to protect yourself from ghostly or negative energetic attachments while you are sleeping.  In our experience, the best way to create protection, day or night, is through our process of creating sacred space and protection. We offer this tool on our website as a PDF or audio called “Setting Sacred Space & Protection”.

Lifestyle also plays an important role in energies attaching to a person’s energy field, whether sleeping or awake. The places you visit such as hospitals or bars or other crowded public places are full of energies that could attach. Leading a positive life and thinking good thoughts about yourself and others can reduce the types and numbers of energies that might attach.

If you are unsure whether a ghost has attached to you in your sleep, click on the Free Evaluation link on our website.  Without any obligation, we will check you, your home and family living with you for any attached energies and email you a detailed report as to what, if anything, we find.

Sleep peacefully,

Lisa “The Ghost Gal” Evans