Ghostly Toys

Ghostly car

A Case of Ghostly Toys.

  It started with a call from a woman I will call Barb. She is a mother of two boys aged 14 months and 3 years old.  They, like most boys had toys that made noise such as fire trucks, police cars, and others. Barb told me that for several nights, in the middle of the night, these toys would start making noise. The sirens would go off and the other toys would make their sounds. She would get out of bed, thinking that the boys were playing with these toys. When she started down the hall to go into their room and see what was going on the noises would stop and she would find the boys sleeping soundly.

 No Batteries

After several nights of this activity, Barb decided to take the batteries out of all of the toys before she went to bed. Then later, in the middle of the night, the sirens went off and noises started from the other toys, even though she knew for sure that they had no batteries.  Again she would investigate only to have the noises stop and find the boys sound asleep in their beds. Ghost lights The next morning Barb spoke with her husband who had been sleeping through the whole experience. He thought she was imagining the whole thing and suggested that she was making it up. However, he agreed to help her and that night the two of them moved all of the toys out and into the garage without their batteries. That night the noise was so loud in the house that it awakened both Barb and her husband who both got up to check and the noises stopped with the boys asleep as usual. With her husband was now aware and as mystified as she was, Barb went looking for solutions and found Healing Haunted Houses.

 Was There A Ghost?

After some investigation we discovered that there was one ghost or earthbound spirit. She was about 8 years old at the time of death; she died in or around 1897 in the state of Colorado. She was killed by a man and attached to Barb’s house about 4 years previously.  She attached to her particular house because there were other children living there, they were a happy family with lots of toys and she liked toys.  She knew she was dead and wanted to belong to a family because she missed her parents since they had died and crossed-over.Ghsotbuster car This little girl didn’t cross over when she died because she wanted to stay with her mom and dad, she was an only child. They (her parents) were so sad about their little girl being dead; she wanted to comfort them and let them know she was ‘okay’.  After her parents died and crossed-over she roamed from house to house until settling in at Barb’s house.

Happy Ending

We assisted this young girl to cross-over and she was very pleased to go. She had been trapped for a long time and was eager to see her parents. As for Barb and her family, we checked with her in a couple of days and all was quiet and peaceful. This was one of the more interesting situations we have run across. Not all are as easy or make such a good story.  Do you have a story you would like to share? If so, send it to us by email. We love stories. Also please leave a comment below, we love those too.

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Michael  “the Ghost Guy” Rowland

The Ghost Guy