Ghostly Story

Haunted houses

I never believed in Ghosts.

Submitted by: Gail M. Foster

I never believed in Ghosts…they were the stuff of cartoons and horror movies. To this day, I’m still not sure if I do, but I have no other explanation for the occurrences I witnessed fifteen years ago. My wife, two sons and I rented an old house with the attic converted into a play area and a small bedroom attached. My eldest son, who was eight at the time, choose the attic bedroom for himself, but within two weeks, moved out of the attic room into his brother’s room because of a ghost he claimed to see. One day, while my wife was at work and the boys were at school, I was working in the front yard. I came into the house for a drink, walking through the living room, which was directly below the small bedroom in the attic. There was a loud bang directly over my head, just as if someone had jumped off the bed upstairs, then a sound like a child running across the playroom to the stairs. I went to the bottom of the stairway fully expecting to see one of our boys come down the stairs. The sunlight shone from a skylight directly onto the wall at the top of the stairs but there wasn’t a shadow of anyone up there. I called their names… no answer. I slowly walked upstairs not knowing what to expect…I carefully looked around in both rooms but there was no one. I tried to make sense of what just happened but I couldn’t find any logical explanation of what created those sounds. I worked night shift so often slept during the day while my wife worked and the boys were in school. One morning I was woken by what I thought was a car alarm which wouldn’t quit and grew annoying. As I sat up in bed, I could hear clearly that the sound of the alarm was coming from inside our home. I got up and looked in the boys’ bedroom and discovered a toy robot walking around on top of a dresser directly on the other side of the wall to where I was sleeping. The robot had flashing lights, walked, and made sounds like certain car alarms do, but obviously not as loud. I walked to the dresser and caught he robot just as it stepped off the top of the edge of the dresser. It had a sliding switch on the back which I thought might not have been turned off properly and maybe had come on by itself. I then began to wonder, not how the robot had turned on, but how on earth did this toy stay on top of the dresser for so long? I later placed that robot in dozens of positions on top of the dresser, which was only about two feet by three feet in area, and the longest it stayed on top of the dresser was less than a minute.

Late One Night

Late one night, while in the bathroom, I heard one of the boys come running from their bedroom. It was a sound I heard quite often living with two young boys – quick thumping footsteps on the carpet running through the living room, getting louder as they came closer, then changing to slapping barefoot sounds on the linoleum in the hallway and louder still arriving at the bathroom door. I quickly braced the door with my hand as I thought one of my boys would come bursting through the door while I was peeing. Nothing happened. The doorknob didn’t turn, there was no knock… nothing. I opened the door to peek at which son was outside the door, but no one was there. I went into the boys’ room to see which son was awake but they were both in bed sound asleep. Another time, I had just left the bathroom and climbed into bed when I started sneezing. I got up to blow my nose and as I walked into the bathroom I rammed my leg into the cabinet drawer that was pulled out. I was the last person in the bathroom and there was no way I could have left the bathroom with the drawer pulled open like that because it completely blocked the doorway. There were other odd occurrences, like kitchen chairs moving in the night, and child-like activity when the boys weren’t home. I never actually saw the ghost my eldest son claimed to see or felt fearful in that house, but many of the things that happened in that home defy logical explanation. Even after all the unexplainable events I can’t say that I’m totally convinced that we lived with a ghost…I guess I needed to actually see the ghost with my eyes before I was willing to accept its existence.

It Is Truly Amazing.

I have discovered that there are many, many people who have had ghostly experiences and never told anyone for fear of being thought to be crazy. When I first meet people and tell them what I do for a living, they immediately launch into their story of the supernatural. So, whether or not you have seen, felt, or heard spirits in your home they do exist.

Until next time,

Michael “the Ghost Guy” Rowland

The Ghost Guy