Feeling Low on Energy? It Could be a Ghost


Are you feeling run-down, exhausted, achy all over?  It could be the influence of an earthbound spirit (ghost) or other negative energy that is occupying space in your energy field. 

Back in December, I was feeling completely drained.  My feet and body ached so badly I had problems getting out of bed and walking – even breathing was an effort.  I moved and felt like an old, feeble woman!  Mind you, I am young, physically fit and healthy.  After a doctor’s visit came up with no medical explanation for my symptoms, I decided to reach out to my colleague, Michael, to have him check my energy field – even we need others to check our energy field from time to time.  He discovered that a 41 year old, female, earthbound spirit, who had died of a long term illness, had attached to my energy field.  I also had a dark magic, witchcraft energy attached to my field whose intent was to cause me “incapacitation”.  With the energy of an ill spirit and the energy of “incapacitation” attached my field, it was no wonder I was feeling like the life force was being sucked out of me!

How can I tell if a ghost is attached to me?

Generally, when an older spirit (or one that was in ill health while living as was my case) is attached to a person’s energy field or house for that matter, the spirit’s influence can be experienced as ‘feeling old’, fatigued, sometimes feeling arthritis or other old age illness or symptoms. Once the spirit is cleared, the person or their environment starts to feel better. 

In many cases when someone has died before their time, whether accidentally or not, there is likely a high degree of negative energy being expressed by their spirit. Energies such as anger, hatred, revenge, sadness, or disappointment can affect the host person or those living or visiting the home or property. Even the physical ailments or emotional issues of the spirits can have an effect.  The spirits need to be crossed over so they can complete their journey and to reduce any effect they may have on the host person or others.

Why do ghosts attach to people? 

Generally, earthbound spirits are trapped on this plane of existence and require help to complete their journey to the other side.  Earthbound spirits and negative energies are more likely to attach to a person when the vibrational frequency of the person is low such as in times of stress, fear, emotional upset or illness.  Like a magnet, the lower vibration of the spirit is drawn to the lower vibration of its host.  The higher your vibrational frequency, the less likely lower vibrational energies such as earthbound spirits and other negative energies are to attach.  In my case, back in December, my vibrational frequency had dropped to an all-time low as I was coming to grips emotionally with having to give up the reigns of being primary caregiver for an aging mother.

How do I protect myself from ghost attachments?

Lifestyle has a role to play in energies attaching to a person’s energy field.  Leading a positive life and thinking good thoughts about yourself and others can reduce the types and numbers of energies that might attach.  Some of the ways we recommend reducing negative energetic attachments include:

  • creating sacred space daily,
  • increasing the vibrational frequency of your energy field when feeling stressed or out of control and,
  • releasing negative thought patterns, beliefs and judgments.

Already feel like a ghost has attached?  We can help.

If you feel that you may have something attached to you or your home, just click this Free Evaluation link. Without any obligation, we will check you, your home and your family and even your business for any attached energies and send you an e-mailed report as to what, if anything is attached.

Wishing you vibrant energetic health,

Lisa “The Ghost Gal” Evans


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