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Questions About Ghosts, Hauntings and Negative Energies.

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Many people believe that a clearing session clears every possible thing attached to the home or resident. A clearing can only clear away negative energies or earthbound spirits that no longer serve you and only those which the body or energy field is prepared to release. Any type of energy healing affects the spirit/soul at an energetic level…like a vibration. The body is connected to our soul and when our spirit vibrates at a higher frequency, the body needs to adjust to that higher frequency. The body can only tolerate so much of an adjustment at any time and that point of tolerance is different for each person. Your body dictates how much of an energetic adjustment it can handle. The negative energy attachments that are removed during a clearing session are only those attachments that the body is ready to release. Therefore, you may have had a complete clearing a few weeks or months ago but now the body is ready to release more non-serving negative energy. Once your energy field is clear, learn to set sacred space daily to help prevent the attachment of ghosts or spirits, entities and negative energies. Click on the ‘Product & Services > Energetic Tools’ to purchase at-home tools to help support your energetic health.

Yes, ghosts and negative energies can attach opportunistically when you visit various places where these energies might be. Public buildings including shopping malls, hospitals, and churches tend to have lots of ghosts or negative energies within and some could end up coming home with you. Once your energy field is clear, learn to set sacred space daily to help prevent the attachment of ghosts or spirits, entities and negative energies. Click on the ‘Product & Services > Energetic Tools’ to purchase at-home tools to help support your energetic health.

A negative energy attachment, such as an energy that is adversarial in nature, or Negative Thought Form Energy can serve a particular core belief. Adversarial types of energies bring adversity to our lives and, many times, it is life’s adversities that help us to mature and grow. Negative Thought Form Energies reinforce negative beliefs about ourselves and our lives. When we have grown enough to become consciously aware of a particular adversity or belief in our life, it no longer serves us. These are some of the types of negative energies that are ready to be removed during a clearing session.

When it comes to clearing negative energy and earthbound spirits, our bodies can only tolerate so much of an energetic shift at any one time. Therefore, only those negative energies that the subconscious or soul is ready to let go of are presented for clearing. Some people can physically tolerate significant energetic shifts and the clearing sessions will be of a considerable number of negative energies or spirit attachments and then only requiring sessions several months apart. Others may require frequent clearing sessions of only a few attachments. It is the individual’s tolerance of energetic shifts that dictates how much can be cleared during a session.

Definitely yes. If there is a strong malevolent earthbound spirit attached to a property, other non-malevolent earthbound spirits may “go into hiding” and not surface until the malevolent spirit is removed. In the case of clearing a home or property, the energetic shift can affect those living in that home and, depending on the sensitivity of the residents within the home, the property may need to be cleared gradually. Negative energy can transfer from people to the home, therefore a home may be cleared completely but a visitor may leave earthbound spirits or negative energy behind.

Yes. We have cleared properties that, because of their geographic situation or energetic ley lines, need to be cleared repeatedly. There can be places where portals, vortexes or grid lines exist that allow negative energy to pass between realms. We also have clients whose jobs are such that they are exposed to a high number of negative energies or who are highly energetically sensitive and can immediately sense an energetic attachment. These people contact us frequently for energy field clearing.

We don’t actually decide. It is the person’s Deepest Wisdom and their own physical tolerances that determine what can be cleared. We use a sacred process to communicate with a person’s higher guidance to determine what energies are to be removed at that time and that it is in the highest good for all concerned.

For some people, they may require many clearings over time. This is why we empower people to take care of their energetic health. One way to do this is to set sacred space daily to help prevent the attachment of ghosts or spirits, entities and negative energies. Click on the ‘Product & Services > Energetic Tools’ to purchase at-home tools to help support your energetic health.

Ghosts and other energies can attach to a person’s energy field or energy body. Since our energy field is interconnected with our physical bodies, such an attachment can have an impact on the person to which a ghost or spirit is attached. The impact can vary depending upon the situation and personality of the energy that is attached. Any strong or negative emotions or attitudes such as loneliness, sadness or belligerence in the earthbound spirit can influence the behavior of the host person. If the ghost energy has anger issues, the person may feel angry for no apparent reason.

Also any physical issues carried by the earthbound spirit such as pain, headaches, malnutrition may show up as physical symptoms in the host person. People can pick up unwanted energies from a variety of public places including the workplace, bars or nightclubs, or other homes that they visit. As part of practice when clearing a house, we also check to see if the occupants have any unwanted energies. We can remove those energies as well with a similar process to clearing the house.

The television series Ghost Whisperer is about a woman who has a gift – she can communicate with earthbound spirits or ghosts who cling to the living because they have unfinished business in our world preventing them from “crossing over” or going into the light. The series was inspired in part by the work of famed medium James Van Praagh and of Mary Ann Winkowski, real-life communicators with earth bound spirits.

We are similar to the person in Ghost Whisperer in the sense that we work with earthbound spirits, helping them to cross over into the light. However, we do not generally communicate with the ghost, nor do we help them resolve their unfinished business as they portray in the television series. In our case the ghosts are ‘attached’ to houses, buildings, land or even cars, rather than people. Also not all ghosts have unfinished business that prevents them from moving on. There can be a number of reasons why a ghost or spirit is ‘trapped’ here on the earthly plane. We can also remove spirits or other entities that attach or cling to people, thus affecting their well-being or behavior.

Generally it doesn’t matter if people are in the house when ghosts or spirits are being cleared by us. In some cases though, it might make a difference. When we take on the job of “healing a haunted house”, we will determine at the time if it is okay for people to be in the house and if not, we will arrange a time that is convenient for the occupants to be away or out of the house.

Yes it certainly can and for one or more of the following reasons. The land may have been a sacred place in previous generations, or as in one case we worked on, it was a place where ancient rites were held that were not of a positive nature. Another situation can be where a new home has been built on the land where the former owner had burned the previous house down and the new house picked up the negative energy of the former house. Then, there are houses built on land that has attracted non-material realm energies because of uncontrolled anger, violence of all forms, drug and alcohol abuse or other forms of consistent negativity by the previous occupants. These are just a few of examples of newly constructed houses that needed healing from the previous uses and experiences of the property. Ghosts or other non-material energies can literally drop in and decide to stay for no apparent reason, and if you are in doubt please fill out the free evaluation form.

While some clients immediately notice significant changes in their homes after a healing, others have initially reported no changes, or could not immediately feel anything different in their homes. This is very common in homes that had “imprints” of energy, or just feel uncomfortable, rather than those with ghostly attachments that made noises in the night. It is like many things in our lives, or like the water we swim in; the more subtle shifts just become “the way it’s always been”. It sometimes takes a conscious effort to pay attention to notice the subtle changes like; wanting to go home instead of staying away, or your dog barks less, or people in the house are getting along better, or there is more peace and harmony in your home and you are sleeping better.

Others have reported that changes, although subtle, were definitely something to notice. In one home there was an imprint of sadness from years of neglect. After the healing the owner initially reported no difference in the feeling of the house. A few weeks later they noticed that every plant in the yard had grown almost twice the size it had been in a very short time. They also noticed the indoor plants, which always seemed on the verge of death, were now thriving. All of these changes occurred after the healing. There was no other explanation for what happened, the same person took care of the plants in the same way and yet they were very different. In another home that had the imprint of anger, the owner reported the overall feeling was much calmer and her new baby was sleeping more peacefully. Home improvement projects, that had been a challenge around the house, were now happening with ease. In all of these cases the pets that lived in the homes had improved behavior and often times experienced an improvement in health.

A simple definition of a poltergeist is a spirit or entity, usually mischievous and occasionally malevolent, which manifests its presence by making noises, moving objects, and assaulting people and animals. The term “poltergeist” comes from the German poltern, “to knock,” and geist, “spirit.” Although poltergeist means “noisy spirit,” a poltergeist is apparently neither a spirit nor a ghost according to paranormal and parapsychology experts. Usually described as an invisible force and entity, the nature of poltergeists has long been a subject of debate within paranormal circles. The main difference seems to be that poltergeists are particular spirits or entities which seem to be able to interact with the material world and often times with malevolent force.

Our belief, which is supported by our experience, is that ghosts or earthbound spirits exist. They are usually considered to be the spirits of dead people that did not complete their journey into ‘the light’ after their death and are trapped in between. They can attach to buildings and people, and they can affect those people and buildings to which they attach. A ghost or earthbound spirit that knocks or makes its presence known may not be malevolent, or mischievous. It may just want to draw attention to their situation in hope that someone can put an end to their eternal haunting.

The general meaning of apparition is an act or instance of appearing. It has its origins in a variety of languages dating back to the 15th Century – Middle English apparicioun, from Anglo-French aparicion, from Late Latin apparition, apparitio appearance, from Latin apparere. Apparition and ghost are frequently used as synonymous terms, though the former is, of course, of much wider significance. A ghost is a considered a visual apparition of a deceased human being, or earthbound spirit of the person it represents. Apparently, apparitions of animals and other supernatural beings are also sufficiently frequent to be noteworthy.

An exorcism tends to be a religious rite for driving Satan or evil spirits out of a possessed person, place, or thing. In ancient times, many cultures had such rites. Today, the Roman Catholic Church still believes in diabolic possession and its priests still practice what is called “real exorcism,” a 27-page ritual to drive out evil spirits. The ritual involves the use of holy water, incantations, various prayers, incense, relics, and Christian symbols such as the cross.

We at Healing Haunted Houses do not conduct an exorcism, nor do we have any religious affiliation. Yes, we conduct a form of ritual, a process, but we believe the spirits that may haunt a house are not necessarily evil, or Satanic. Some ghosts or entities may be malevolent but most are in fact quite ready to move on. We focus on returning the ghosts or spirits to where they belong, not just drive them out, and in doing so heal the energy of the house.