Experience of Her Spirit After Death

My Personal Experience

Just about six weeks ago, Lynn, my partner, my love passed away in my arms.  Although deeply saddened by her passing, I want to share with you my experience of her soul, her spirit, her essence after she left her body.

Lynn’s passing was the first time I had been present with someone as they passed on.  I was holding her when I experienced her last breath and felt her life force leave her body just before midnight.  Then, within a few minutes I could feel or sense her presence around me. I could feel her relief and heard her say “I am finally free”.  I felt as though she was excited.   Lynn was not afraid of dying and often said that she was enthusiastic about eventually having the experience.

We shared some time together for a short while, me in my sorrow and her in her excitement, then I felt her presence leave the room.  At this point she had not crossed over and was still “in-between”.  What I found out later was that during the time she was ‘gone’ from the room, she was out visiting people we knew and some of her other friends.  These friends later shared with me their experiences and messages they had received during her visits.

Once the funeral home had come and gone about 4 am, I lay down on the bed, emotionally exhausted but not sleepy. It was then that she returned. We talked for a little while and shared our disappointments about what could have been.  I eventually fell asleep and when I awakened a couple of hours later, I was aware that she had ‘crossed over’ and then had returned to be with me as well as her 14-year-old son, Michael.

The first thing she said excitedly was, “Now this is where I belong!” All her life she felt that she had never belonged here.  That somehow a mistake had been made.  She just didn’t fit here.  Lynn also communicated that, “I realize now that all of the things I was concerned about while I was living, really did not matter”.  She reiterated that she was excited to now be where she was and that I should not mourn for her, she had finally found her place…..and I should just get on with living my life fully without all of the concerns (that we shared).

Since the night of her passing and crossing over, she spent many nights with her son and early mornings with me. Sometimes we talked and sometimes we just shared our presence with one another. The one thing I know for sure is that she is happy and excited. That her journey has completed and she is now where she feels she ‘belongs’.

During these last few weeks I have noticed that on the one hand I know that she is has moved on and reconnected with God, or Source, or whatever label you want to use.  Yet on the other hand, from that place of my humanity I have felt tremendous sadness, tremendous loss. I know that to heal that wound, I must fully feel the loss, allow the emotions to flow through without stuffing them in any way, and somehow begin fill the whole in my heart.

Then a little more than 3 weeks after her passing, and the day after her celebration of life (she always liked a party), I could feel her energy, her spirit consistently wrapped around me for a couple of days.  During these couple of days, she said that she was ready to move on to her next adventure.  She shared that it would not be here in this dimension again and tried to give me a picture of where she was going.  I could not see it clearly and sensed that it was a place where the beings are in an energy form rather than what we know as a body.  Then she was gone and I haven’t felt her presence since.  The spirit that I knew as Lynn is now on her newest adventure.

I share all of this with you not only because it was a remarkable experience, but also to share with you that dying is not something to fear.  That when our time comes to leave this body that we inhabit, we can embrace the experience knowing that it is only the beginning of our next adventure.  Also that the end can come at anytime, so be sure to live so fully, so completely that you have no regrets.  Lynn was only 52 years young when she passed and we certainly did not see it coming so soon.

We had an immense impact on each other and I will always love her.  I am ever so grateful for the short time we were together, realizing that during this time we lived more than a lifetime.  And as I let her go, I know that she is finally right where she belongs.

Our time here is so short and we don’t’ know when we will go, so I ask that you love and accept each other to the best of your ability, without condition.  Make the most of every day, because we don’t know how much time we have and I for one want no regrets when my day comes.I love you

I am deeply grateful for the work that I do, that has allowed me to have such incredible experiences with Lynn, both during her life and after her passing.

I wish you love on your journey.