ESP It’s Yours to Use

A Simple Idea…Remarkable Outcomes

Although this post is really about what started out as a simple idea that created something I didn’t expect, I want to start with another short message that keeps coming.  It feels to me that there is an increasing urgency for all of us to become more healthy, both energetically and physically. For me, since I work energetically, being grounded and centered has become simply a consistent way of being. And as I clear my own field regularly, I’m confident that I remain on my own path without being influenced by outside energies.  My need at the moment is to focus on the physical. I get many messages that relate to physical health and the need for me to support this body of mine, so I can become all that I can be and therefore give the gifts that I am here to give. I have been getting some help around improving my physical health and am now in the process of eating better as well as taking some supplements that are further supporting my body, and getting more exercise.

Energetic Health

For many others their physical health may be reasonably good, however, energetically they need to do more to help clear away outside energetic influences.  While we certainly can “push through” life’s challenges when we’re feeling fit, if we are acting outside of a true vibrational alignment, eventually we will be feeling the “push back” from both our bodies and our life circumstances. Kate having fun in the gardenThis is where energetically healing our remaining issues – vibrationally ingrained negative thought patterns or beliefs, traumas stuck in our energy fields, or karmic / past life patterns – can be transformational and liberating. It is in this realm that I can offer support and guidance to help improve people’s energetic health. In fact it is one of my goals to empower as many people as possible to look after their own energy fields, with the time that I have left on this earth.

Something Remarkable Happens…

  For several years now, I have been offering courses and workshops on clearing your own energy field as well as that of your home. I currently have an online course so that people can learn to keep their energy fields clear, resulting in improvement in their overall wellbeing and success. I also offer in-person courses and workshops in working with other people’s energy fields to provide family, friends, and others with the many benefits of having an energy field that is clear of outside influences and their impacts. Over the course of several workshops I noticed something special… something very powerful that I hadn’t expected. During the workshops and in particular the live in-person workshops, I found it truly remarkable how the participants were transformed. Even though they came just to learn to clear their energy fields, their own intuitive or ESP abilities would unfold and develop. Many of the participants came into the workshops not realizing that they had these abilities let alone be able to use them, and then left feeling confident in using these abilities.

Dialogue with the ‘Unseen” and KNOW.

As if this wasn’t already enough of a benefit, these people for the first time were actually using these abilities to have a dialogue with the ‘unseen’. Whether that be with earthbound spirits or more importantly with what you might call God, Source, Universal Spirit, the Great Spirit or your Higher Self. They left the workshops KNOWING that there is a greater power around them, and that no longer was it a faith based position. For me, watching this transformation and awareness has been a deeply moving experience.May know Spirit This knowing, along with the ability to have a dialogue, changed their lives. From now on they could learn to use their new-found abilities and connection with the “all that is” to enhance their lives in every way….to understand and live more truly in alignment with their own inner deepest callings and desires, without past conditioning and energetic influences. And even now they continue to unfold and become more of who they truly are at the deepest levels. They realize that they are no longer alone, EVER, and with regular practice their intuitive abilities and this connection only grows stronger and clearer.


My Invitation to You

In the beginning, I had no idea that this would be where the courses would take me and those who participated in what I believed was just a simple course on learning to clear your energy field. It has become apparent that “all that is” is in constant communication through our own innate higher wisdom. Through learning and using the techniques offered in the courses, participants were able to hear, see and feel this communication, often for the first time. Through maintaining and honing this internal dialogue, so many have experienced lives transformed and personal fulfillment beyond any previous experience. May connection to  sourceThe only question then becomes – when will you be ready to listen?

I feel honored to be a part of the process as people unfold in their own unique way and I am humbled by the tremendous power within each person as they step into their own true being. I invite you to experience your own intuitive abilities, your own connection with the unseen, and realize the inner changes and benefits that come from developing these innate abilities. If you feel ready for a change in your life like no other then email us and get more details.

Thank you for allowing me to join you on your journey, if only for a short while.

Much love.


P.S. Please contact me if you would like to find out more about having a workshop in your neighborhood. Thank you.