Energy of Business

Interplanetary energetic connections

Are Energies Affecting Your Business?

    We have talked about spirits and negative energies being attached to your home. We have also spoken about these energies being attached to people. But, have you thought about negative energies being attached to and affecting your business? I am not talking about the physical assets of your business such as building or furniture, although they too can have energies attached. No, I am talking about the non-physical business, the name, the organization, the energy of the business. After all, everything, including our own thoughts, is made up of energy. As such, negative energies can attach to the energy of the business and affect its success. Businesses and organizations are energetic systems that spread out, that transfer energy back and forth among its employees, its suppliers, and its customers. If there are negative energies attached to the business or organization, they can affect everyone and everything that is connected to this system.

Business Success

How Have You Been Affected?

Have you ever felt really good when you have entered a specific business? You have an overall positive feeling which is then supported by the staff that you speak to and who conduct your business?  On the other hand, have you gone into a place of business and felt bad, or fatigued, or even repelled and not understood why? The employees seem unpleasant or agitated and you just want to get out?  Or maybe you work for a business, or company that feels either positive or negative when you go in to do your job. If you “feel bad”, then it could be negative energies affecting the original business itself and as a result, its employees and your experience with your job.

 A Factor for Success.

The success or failure of any business is as a result of a wide variety of factors. One aspect that is often overlooked with respect to the growth or success of a business is making sure that it is clear of any negative energies that do not belong and might be causing a negative effect. A clearing of these energies can go a long way to enhancing the positive impact of a business or organization.

Be success,

Michael “the Ghost Guy”