Energetic Shifts Affecting You

Feeling lots of discomfort lately?

I haven’t written any articles lately and this is the first one since October. I have been working through some of my own life challenges that have come forefront into my awareness for resolution and learning. During this time, I have had many people connect with me looking for some help because they are undergoing some significant discomfort as of late. When I investigate their discomfort, many times it is because of energetic shifts taking place in and around their energy fields. Each person is experiencing different levels of discomfort due to these shifts and they contact me because they feel that a clearing of their energy field is required.
Some do actually need a clearing session, but for many it is that the physical body is trying to catch up, or adjust to the energetic shifts taking place within and around them. After briefly explaining this to several folks I figured that there would be many others who might be having similar experiences. So, I would like to share with you my perspective as a form of explanation. You might already be aware yet I feel that it is important to mention that everything is made up of energy including us, our bodies.

1. Energies From Space

For several months now the earth has been bombarded by intense energies from space. Significant activity on the surface of the sun, plasma clouds, and other energetic anomalies have increased in frequency and magnitude. I am not going to go into the details of all of these events because there is not sufficient space in this article and these are well documented in many places on the internet. What I do want to convey is that these energies impact each one of us by shifting and changing our own energy fields. space energyThe waves of energy coming from space and into contact with our energy fields are going to affect how we feel physically, during the time it takes for the energy to be integrated or to pass through our field.

2. The earth itself is shifting energetically.

The planet is also going through energetic changes. Some of these are certainly as a result of being bombarded by the energies from space and others I believe are as a result of internal energetic changes within the planet itself. And again, it is the planet, the physical, that is being disrupted as the energetic shifts are integrated.
I expect that you have noticed the increased physical activity around the globe, including earthquakes, weather, and other events. It is kind of like the earth is stretching, getting the kinks out as it integrates the both the energetic shifts from space and those from within. According to several sources the resonance harmonics of the earth has also changed frequency.

Since we live on this planet, we too are being affected by the energies coming from space and the shifts taking place around the world. We too need to integrate these shifts at the energetic and physical levels.

3.  Internal Energy Shifts

In addition to all of the external energetic influences, we are undergoing our own energetic shifts from within. Whether these personal shifts are part of our purpose for being on this planet at this time or if it just part of our own evolution as humanity, we are all shifting from within. Because each of us are undergoing our own experience, there will be lots of people who do not notice these shifts at a physical level and others will be significantly affected and feel discomfort or even become quite ill. Again, I feel that it is the physical catching up with the energetic shifts taking place that we feel this discomfort.
I have felt for some time that there is an urgency for all of humanity to shift, or change, or evolve and move into that way of being to fulfill our purpose for being here. Each of us, being unique and different, can only shift to the degree we each can handle the energetic shifts at the physical level. For some the shift could be quite small and they might not notice. For others the energetic shifts can be significant with lots of discomfort at the physical level. Then for others the totality of the shifts might trigger a ‘healing crisis’.Energy Flow
When you think of the all the energetic influences and changes going on within and around us it is surprising that we are not totally devastated and generally feel only some discomfort. I too have been laid flat at times adjusting to the energetic shifts.

4. Personal Transformations

During the last several months there are lots of people undergoing transformations. I know of many people whose unresolved issues are repeatedly coming up to either be healed or just allowed to flow through and be released. They are having significant life experiences that are bringing people fact to face with their issues. Many will try to analyze just what these are all about and while it is useful to understand it is restrictive to get caught up in the analysis. If answers don’t come immediately it might be that these issues just need to be embraced and allowed to flow through. Over analysis is a form of resistance which ends up keeping the issue stuck in our energy field. Energy is like water and is in constant flow, so just notice and let it flow though.
I don’t know if you have noticed, or not, there also many ‘endings’ taking place. Lots of relationships are ending and many people are making their final transitions over the last while. Whether young or old they are suddenly leaving this world, ready or not. It seems as though their job is done here and it is their time to leave. I expect that this will continue and it is the time for this to take place. Again embrace these transitions knowing that they serve all who are involved, even though we might not understand why.

Need additional clearing?

With all of the energetic changes going on within and around us we might start to feel unwell, or fearful and anxious about what is happening ‘to’ us. When either of these happens our energy field becomes more vulnerable to negative energies and entities attaching or connecting to our field. So, in some cases people might need a clearing of their energy field.

What to do.

I feel that all of these energetic shifts are serving us in some way and it all might be part of our overall evolution at this time. So, the first things to do are be sure that your energy field is clear of any energies that do not serve you, and then to embrace the changes, the shifts, the discomfort as part of your own evolution and healing. It is the slower moving physical that is catching up to the many energetic shifts taking place within and without. Allow the energy to flow through without resistance and trust in the infinite intelligence from which we were created. Be gentle and loving with yourself.

Much love,


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