Energetic Cords

energetic cords that bind us

Remove the cords that bind.

What are energetic cords?

When we meet people, or connect with places, even things, an energetic connection or cord can developed between ourselves and the other people or places. These cords form automatically bonding or binding us to one another at the energetic level. Energetic connections are similar to having a fiber optic cord between ourselves and others. Through these cords or connections energetic information can be shared, or energy can be drawn by one person or the other.


Are they good for us?

There can be hundreds of these energetic cords connected to us.  Many of the energetic cords or connections serve us by helping us stay connected energetically to family, spouses, close friends, our home, past homes, or even favorite vacation places and possessions. Spouses can have many connections at various levels. Theses cords help us to share love when we are not close to one another geographically. We can draw upon one another’s energy when we feel depleted or run down. Since emotions are essentially nothing more than energy, they can be shared through the energetic connections.  Have you ever felt worn out and then by thinking about your loved one feel more energized? Or felt agitated and then seem more peaceful thinking about your spouse, or a friend, wherever they are? There are many connections between children and parents. Love is shared through the energetic connections, even though our actions may seem unlike love. We seem to know when our children are distressed or in some kind of trouble.  There are many ways that these energetic connections serve us. There are even energetic connections or cords however small that connect everyone on this planet.

Can the Cords Be Harmful?

The energetic cords or connections can have a negative impact on our thoughts and energy levels.  Although these connections can support and help us on our journey, they can also hold us back, drain us unnecessarily or keep us connected to those people and places that no longer serve us. Friends move on, we move to new homes, relationships change and the memories of places we have been no longer support us. Simply put, these connections no longer serve us, or are unnecessary, yet they remain and share information as well as draw upon our energy field. Some people can connect to us even though we would not want them to. Have you ever met someone in the shopping mall, or at the office, or a neighbour that after a few minutes together you feel drained energetically? These people have established cords to your energy field in order to draw upon your energy.  These types of connections do not serve us in any way. They continue to draw our energy without our permission or awareness and can negatively affect our well being.

Freedom from Past Relationships

One of the most common connections that do not serve us and negatively affect our freedom is the energetic connection between spouses, partners or lovers whose relationships have ended. Because of the close connections during the relationship these cords seem to stay in place, continuing to share information and energy. There can be many that people have difficulty with past relationships, however, many people stay “stuck” in the old relationship or have difficulty moving on to new relationships due to these connections still being in place. When energetic cords are still in place the task of moving on becomes more difficult. As our lives shift and change – relationships, jobs, locations where we live – it becomes more important to our well being, success, and freedom to be who we truly are. More important that we sever those cords that bind us unnecessarily to people or places that no longer serve us. Thus, one of the first things we do when conducting a clearing or energetic healing session is to disconnect these cords and heal the places where they were attached to the energy field of the person.

Please set yourself free and contact someone to sever these cords, or if you can do it yourself, even better.

Much love,

Michael “the Ghost Guy”

The Ghost Guy