Christmas Ghosts (Guests)

Ghost for Christmas

Ghosts of Christmas Past and Present

  Christmas time appears to be a time of increased paranormal or ghostly activity.  The experiences during the past 10 years have demonstrated that not only do the living get together to share joy, love and great food, but those who have already passed also join in on the festivities. Many people have contacted me during this time of year to request that their uninvited ghosts be escorted out of their homes. For some people the experience of having a ghost or two join in on the family get-together is not particularly distressing. They make comments such as grandma’s ghost is only making her presence known, or we don’t know who this ghost is but they are welcome to join in so long as they behave. Other people find the haunting experiences distressing because the ornaments keep falling off the tree, or it feels cold in a particular room or chair despite the rest of the house being warm, or even finding some of the presents unwrapped. Either way it is best for these earthbound spirits to be assisted in moving on to complete their journeys.

Earthbound spirits are just that, spirits bound or ‘trapped’ in the earth plane of existence. They do not belong here and usually make their presence known so that they can be crossed over.  A ghost or earthbound spirit, is the soul or spirit of a person who has died and not crossed over for some reason. If people become aware of their existence and decide to do nothing, it is sort of like keeping the soul or spirit of a person for a pet or for entertainment. I am sure you would not want your grandmother, mother, spouse, or another family member treated in this way. Christmas GhostUsually though the ghost makes such a significant impact on the lives of the people or home to which they are attached, most people want to help them to cross-over, returning their home to a peaceful state.

Ghosts or spirits haunting a house don’t necessarily have to have lived there previously or have been part of the family that is living there now. Even if the spirit had once been part of the family or a good friend, ghosts or other energies attached to a person can negatively affect their feelings, their wellness, sometimes their behavior, and can in some cases be a major nuisance. When attachment occurs, the host person can experience influences of the attached earthbound spirit. Thoughts, emotions, addictions, or strong habit patterns, even physical feelings of an earthbound spirit (such as arthritis or other ailment) attached to a home or property may filter to any of the occupants or visitors to the home.

So if you notice unusual happenings in your home during the Christmas period, you might want to share some joy, love, and happiness with the ghosts who might be causing them. Then, when the festivities are over, give them a gift and help them to cross-over so they can complete their journey. One good thing about having ghosts or spirits join in is that they don’t eat anything, so there will still be lots of leftovers to enjoy. May your home be filled with the many blessings.

christmasghostwreathLots of love to you and your family,

Michael, the Ghost Guy