Awakening to surrounding energies

Awakening to Energies & Looking After Your Own Energy Field.

If there are trends in this business, then I have noticed a couple of changes taking place in the sessions I do for people. First of all it seems as though more and more people are waking up and becoming more sensitive to their energetic surroundings. I have an increasing number of people contact me for a clearing session and they already know, or have a good idea, of what is attached to them or their home. Even though they might not have the exact words to describe what they are seeing or sensing, they are more aware of the effects that are present in their energy field or their home. So the first trend is that people are awakening to their energetic abilities and sensing their surroundings. More importantly though is a change in who is doing the work of clearing, communicating, and resolving the problems. awakening to energyIn many recent cases I have been ‘advised’ that the client, person or persons, are to do the work themselves. They apparently have the capabilities to resolve their issues and I only advise them on what needs to be done. They do the work. Although this seems to be encouraging, many are unprepared or don’t have the confidence to complete the task. Since each situation is unique, I tend to help them through the process. Sometimes because of their fears and doubts, the resolution of the issue might take several tries. Other times, people move into the process easily and the results are positive almost immediately.

Real Life

For example, I had a client, a couple of women who live in Florida, who were having issues with items, both large and small, disappearing. When I checked in to the situation and its resolution, it turned out that one of them had to communicate with the “perpetrators” from the unseen, and request the return of their items.  I advised them about the process and they had an interesting experience as well as some improvements in their situation. 2 FairiesHowever, other things kept happening and without going into a lot of details, I ended up conducting a land healing for their property and the surrounding land. Now, healing land is best done in person, but because of the distance and their financial situation I conducted a remote energetic healing for the land. Again, this was only partially successful.

Usually, a lack of success means to me that there is something else I need to know or that I am being taught something. It turned out that they, the two women, were the ones who had to resolve the issues. I was “told” that they had to do it and it would not be successful unless they did. I was also told that they knew someone locally who could help them with the process. Now, I felt really terrible about telling them that I could not intervene. Even though I had assurances that they could do this, I felt badly, as though I had let them down in some way. After all they had come to me for help and I was placing it back into their hands. I still feel badly about this instance and have not heard from the client since. I am afraid to contact them in case they are still having troubles and I am unable to help them. After all, I do this work to help people, so this is a hard lesson for me.

Another example is a client who needed to clear reoccurring negative energies from her field.  She is very sensitive and needed to be able to do the clearing for herself. I coached her through the process several times for different energies. Now she does most of the clearings herself. I also had one client contact me recently to say that they had spontaneously started crossing over the occasional earthbound spirit. She continues to need help with the other negative energies but she is on her way to looking after her own energy field.

New Developments

So with this trend to more of the clients who contact me being required to do the clearing work themselves, along with the ongoing questions on how to keep their energy fields clear once I have conducted a clearing session for them, I have been working on a training course to be delivered over the internet. This course is what one might call a stripped down version of the more in-depth weekend course that we have been teaching for several years. Since I can’t afford to visit every city, or coach each person individually, I have spent the last few months developing a course, that people can do in their own home, in their own time and is designed to get them up and running as quickly as possible, thus empowering people to clear their own energy field and that of their home. Helping each of you to do the work for yourself.Clearing your energy field Since I don’t actually do the work, all I do is facilitate the process, it means that anyone can learn to facilitate a similar process to clear their own energy field.

This course consists of about 12 videos along with a workbook and will be available for purchase within the next month, or so. I will advise everyone about the launch of the program through this blog and to some directly by email. Anyone particularly interested can send me an email at and I will place them on a list to be advised as soon as it is ready.

Until next time, please remember that your lifestyle plays an important role in energies attaching to a person’s energy field. The places you visit such as the mall, or hospital, or other crowded public places are full of energies that may or may not attach. Leading a positive life and thinking good thoughts about yourself and others can reduce the types and numbers of energies that might attach.

Much love,

Michael The Ghost Guy