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Posts by Lisa Evans:

The Battle for the Land

It all started with a call from Angelina. She and her husband, Tom, had just purchased and been living in their circa 1903 dream home for only a month when they began experiencing a series of unusual occurrences

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Ghosts Attaching in Your Sleep

A recent case came across my desk from a couple who rarely had nighttime dreams, but for several consecutive nights prior to them contacting us, both had disturbing dreams of people of the same ethnicity, dress and ancient time period

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A Life Well-Lived

This week I returned from the funeral of the passing of my dad, an incredible, compassionate and humorous man who LOVED life and people.  He was the consummate humanitarian with a big heart for the downtrodden – always there to uplift his fellow man

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How Weird Can it Get?

Sometimes there are stories that challenge even our beliefs.  One such story involved the disappearance of personal belongings. The Request We received a request from a couple of ladies whose property was located in the southern US.  They told the story about how many of their personal belongings just started to disappear.  At first, it [&hellip

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A Ghostly Pregnancy

Sometimes we will get a case that comes across our desk that stays in our memory bank.  Such was the case of Isobel, a mother of a 9-year-old daughter.  Isobel wrote in to explain how her pregnancy with her daughter had prompted a series of unusual experiences that she believed could only be indicative of [&hellip

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The Haunting at The Purple Lotus

It all started with a casual visit to The Purple Lotus, a quaint little metaphysical shop in Saint Augustine, Florida.  The shop is housed in a building that dates back to the early 1900’s and business owner Jackie Ronco and her employees were encountering the presence of multiple ghosts, one or two of which would [&hellip

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Feeling Low on Energy? It Could be a Ghost

  Are you feeling run-down, exhausted, achy all over?  It could be the influence of an earthbound spirit (ghost) or other negative energy that is occupying space in your energy field.  Back in December, I was feeling completely drained. 

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How to Tell if Your House is Haunted

Signs a Ghost is Attached to a Home          – Feeling cold spots in the home          – Feeling like you are being watched/not alone          – Toys going off and on their own          – Objects moving on their own or being [&hellip

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A New Spirit Has Been Added

When you peruse our website, you’ll notice a fresh new face, a new energetic spirit. Lisa Evans, owner of Clearing Life Energies, LLC, has joined the Healing Haunted Houses family as “The Ghost Gal”.  With over a decade of experience in a variety of powerful and unique energy healing techniques, Lisa brings a new perspective [&hellip

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On Death and Dying

I spend lots of time working in the realm of death and dying. Spending time working with ghosts or earthbound spirits to help the complete their journeys, working with and for people who are at the end of their days on this planet and releasing or removing negative energies for the last 15 years has [&hellip

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