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Articles About Ghosts, Entities, and Negative Energies

The Battle for the Land

It all started with a call from Angelina. She and her husband, Tom, had just purchased and been living in their circa 1903 dream home for only a month when they began experiencing a series of unusual occurrences. (more…)

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Ghosts Attaching in Your Sleep

A recent case came across my desk from a couple who rarely had nighttime dreams, but for several consecutive nights prior to them contacting us, both had disturbing dreams of people of the same ethnicity, dress and ancient time period;] — read more

A Life Well-Lived

This week I returned from the funeral of the passing of my dad, an incredible, compassionate and humorous man who LOVED life and people.  He was the consummate humanitarian with a big heart for the downtrodden – always there to uplift his fellow man;] — read more

How Weird Can it Get?

Sometimes there are stories that challenge even our beliefs.  One such story involved the disappearance of personal belongings. The Request We received a request from a couple of ladies whose property was located in the southern US.  They told the story about how many of their personal belongings just started to disappear.  At first, it […] — read more

A Ghostly Pregnancy

Sometimes we will get a case that comes across our desk that stays in our memory bank.  Such was the case of Isobel, a mother of a 9-year-old daughter.  Isobel wrote in to explain how her pregnancy with her daughter had prompted a series of unusual experiences that she believed could only be indicative of […] — read more

The Haunting at The Purple Lotus

It all started with a casual visit to The Purple Lotus, a quaint little metaphysical shop in Saint Augustine, Florida.  The shop is housed in a building that dates back to the early 1900’s and business owner Jackie Ronco and her employees were encountering the presence of multiple ghosts, one or two of which would […] — read more

Feeling Low on Energy? It Could be a Ghost

  Are you feeling run-down, exhausted, achy all over?  It could be the influence of an earthbound spirit (ghost) or other negative energy that is occupying space in your energy field.  Back in December, I was feeling completely drained. ;] — read more

How to Tell if Your House is Haunted

Signs a Ghost is Attached to a Home          – Feeling cold spots in the home          – Feeling like you are being watched/not alone          – Toys going off and on their own          – Objects moving on their own or being […] — read more

A New Spirit Has Been Added

When you peruse our website, you’ll notice a fresh new face, a new energetic spirit. Lisa Evans, owner of Clearing Life Energies, LLC, has joined the Healing Haunted Houses family as “The Ghost Gal”.  With over a decade of experience in a variety of powerful and unique energy healing techniques, Lisa brings a new perspective […] — read more

On Death and Dying

I spend lots of time working in the realm of death and dying. Spending time working with ghosts or earthbound spirits to help the complete their journeys, working with and for people who are at the end of their days on this planet and releasing or removing negative energies for the last 15 years has […] — read more

Increase Your Intuitive Abilities

New! Stainless Steel and Copper Pyramid Kits We are always trying to present new alternatives for you to increase their intuition or intuitive abilities (ESP) and your overall health – physically, emotionally, and energetically. In this case we are presenting something old that is again new…Nubian style pyramids, also called Russian style pyramids. Why Russian […] — read more

You Can Do What I Do

Many people believe that given the kind of work I do of removing ghosts and other energies, that I must be ‘gifted’ or special in some way. I want to assure you that this is not the case. Everyone can do what I can do. I do not have something that others do not, with […] — read more

Holiday Ghosts

Ghosts of Christmas Past and Present The Christmas holidays are a time for family gatherings and celebration with friends. Because of the many celebrations there is a likelihood to attract uninvited guests….ghosts. Christmas time appears to be a time of increased paranormal or ghostly activity.  Experiences during the past 15 years have demonstrated that not […] — read more

Energy Clearing Results

Although every person’s experience of a clearing session is unique and different, I thought you might like to read a few of the more recent experiences people have had after their energy clearing sessions. From the Southern US “You asked for feedback in your clearing report a few weeks ago. It feels like I have […] — read more

Negative Energies That Serve

After a clearing session, some people have said that they still feel negative energies or spirits around them. Sometimes after some further investigation we find another layer of energies that need to be removed. It appears that some of us, particularly those who are energetically sensitive, can only;] — read more

New Energy Activities

In addition to the energy healing and clearing work with ghosts and spirits that I have been doing for many years, I have recently started an energy healing clinic called The NRG Wellness Group. Along with my partner Terri, we offer a variety of hands-on and energy healing services, including;] — read more

Clearing Energies from Your Field

Time to Participate During the last 10 to 15 years, I have experienced a variety of trends in the work that I do. Changes occur in the types of negative energies that are commonly present. Some places tend to have more of one kind of negative energy and others seem to attract ghosts in greater […] — read more

6 Important Concepts About Negative Energies

Negative Energies & Entities There are a wide variety of energies and entities that can attach or connect to our energy field and affect us in a negative way.  Any discussion about energies or entities is limited by our available language, concepts, and beliefs.  Therefore, whatever is discussed is limited and usually falls short of […] — read more

5 Things About Ghosts You Need Know

I get lots of questions about ghosts and spirits, so I am offering the following information for your review and consideration. Most of the information below has been gained during the last fifteen years of working with spirits in literally thousands of instances;] — read more

Valentines Dinner Visitor

I want to share with you a ghost story that happened to me while I was out for dinner on Valentines Day several years ago. I had taken my partner out for a special dinner to an upscale restaurant which was in an old house. The original structure was more than 150 years old;] — read more

Experience of Her Spirit After Death

My Personal Experience Just about six weeks ago, Lynn, my partner, my love passed away in my arms.  Although deeply saddened by her passing, I want to share with you my experience of her soul, her spirit, her essence after she left her body;] — read more

Going to New York

We are off to Buffalo in May. I had really never planned on teaching the clearing techniques that I have learned over the last 10 or 12 years. In fact, I had not planned on doing this type of work for a living at all, let alone holding workshops. I got started teaching others to […] — read more

Energetic Shifts Affecting You

Feeling lots of discomfort lately? I haven’t written any articles lately and this is the first one since October. I have been working through some of my own life challenges that have come forefront into my awareness for resolution and learning. During this time, I have had many people connect with me looking for some […] — read more

Halloween Hauntings

Trick and Treat with Who? As we move closer to Halloween, I usually talk about ghosts being tricks or treats.  This year I would like to share a couple of Halloween short stories about children, because after all Halloween is primarily for children. The first story or experience is about a mother taking her daughter out to […] — read more

Stigmatized Properties

Buying or Selling a Haunted House When ever people are buying or selling a home they spend time and money on making the house look its best.  Of course the appearance is important but what about the “feel” of the home.  It has been researched and apparently most purchasers will make their decision to purchase a […] — read more

ESP It’s Yours to Use

A Simple Idea…Remarkable Outcomes Although this post is really about what started out as a simple idea that created something I didn’t expect, I want to start with another short message that keeps coming.  It feels to me that there is an increasing urgency for all of us to become more healthy, both energetically and […] — read more

Real Life Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories from Real People During the past 10 years or so, I have heard many ghost stories from people. Some people say they have never told anyone and then go into sharing their ghostly experiences. I am really surprised by how common it is for people to have a supernatural or paranormal experiences. I […] — read more

Relationship Problems

Clear Your Problem Relationships.  As humans we have a myriad of relationships in our lives. They can include personal relationships with family, friends, coworkers, and acquaintances. We have relationships related to our business lives with employees, suppliers, and other companies. Sometimes we have relationships that are legal in nature and could include lawyers, judges, courts, […] — read more

New Energy Clearing Programs

Being Clearly You – Energy Clearing Courses  In a world that is continually applying pressure to conform and be a follower, it can be difficult to overcome the pressure and be who you truly are; a unique individual with an important contribution to make to all of us. I believe that the whole purpose of […] — read more

Christmas Ghosts (Guests)

Ghosts of Christmas Past and Present   Christmas time appears to be a time of increased paranormal or ghostly activity.  The experiences during the past 10 years have demonstrated that not only do the living get together to share joy, love and great food, but those who have already passed also join in on the […] — read more

Tricks or Treats?

Real Ghosts are they Tricks or Treats? Halloween is a time when ghosts and goblins are on our minds. One of the questions that comes up is ‘Are ghosts and hauntings more active during the time of Trick or Treat?’ From my experience, people who have ghostly experiences know that ghosts and other supernatural energies are active […] — read more

Awakening to Energies

Awakening to Energies & Looking After Your Own Energy Field. If there are trends in this business, then I have noticed a couple of changes taking place in the sessions I do for people. First of all it seems as though more and more people are waking up and becoming more sensitive to their energetic […] — read more

Murdered and Now Punished

Compassion…not punishment.  “As for the entity you picked up on me, you are absolutely correct.  She is connected to me because I talk to her and allow her to stay in my home. She was 27 and murdered by her boyfriend. She is an aboriginal and she died on the grounds underneath our home. We […] — read more

The Month for Love

Share your love…now.  January sure flew by and we are now a week into February. I don’t know about you but for me time seems to becoming more and more a matter of perception. Sometimes it passes so slowly and at other times it shifts in the blink of an eye. I am sure that, like […] — read more

Healing the Waters

Healing the Gulf of Mexico   Before we get too far into the new year of 2014, I would like to share with you one of the most powerful and deeply felt experiences of last year. During 2013 we had many unique and wonderful experiences, met great people, and faced several challenges, but the one that […] — read more

Join Us In Florida

Healing Haunted Houses Goes to Panama City Beach We are pretty excited. We are going to Panama City Beach to present our 2 courses:  Level 1 – Clearing Your Personal Energy Fields; and, Level 2 – Clearing the Energy Fields of Others. We freely admit that what we do is quite unique and may not be for […] — read more

Energy of Business

Are Energies Affecting Your Business?     We have talked about spirits and negative energies being attached to your home. We have also spoken about these energies being attached to people. But, have you thought about negative energies being attached to and affecting your business? I am not talking about the physical assets of your business […] — read more

Sacred Earth Land Healing

People need the planet…. the planet doesn’t need people.   We’ve all heard the terms; Mother Nature, Mother Earth, Gaia, the Sacred Earth….many cultures refer to our earth as having consciousness…because it does have a consciousness…and it’s crying out for healing. Over the centuries, mankind has dug and clawed and pierced this planet for its […] — read more

Interplanetary Cords

 Energy Fields, Tones,                and Energetic Cords In August of 2012, I wrote about the energetic cords and connections between people and the negative effects those can have on our energy field and our well-being. At the time I believed that these were the main types of cords that affect us on a regular basis. Since then […] — read more

Do you believe in Ghosts?

 45% of People Believe in Ghosts. I always welcome the many people come up to me and say, “I have never told anyone about this but…”, and then they go on to share their experiences with the supernatural. After a short time, I came to the conclusion that the prevelance of experiences with ghosts was far greater than […] — read more

Ghostly Christmas Visitors

Ghosts of Christmas Present Now that we have all survived the 12-21-2012, it is again time to turn our attention to Christmas. Since many people were expecting the “end of the world”, it might be a good time to refocus and spend more time with those you care about during this time of year. Christmas […] — read more

Energetic Cords

Remove the cords that bind. What are energetic cords? When we meet people, or connect with places, even things, an energetic connection or cord can developed between ourselves and the other people or places. These cords form automatically bonding or binding us to one another at the energetic level. Energetic connections are similar to having […] — read more

Paranormal People Project

We need your thoughts! I started writing these articles with the purpose of informing, entertaining, educating, and getting your input. I am writing this article to solicit your thoughts, opinions, and insights. For those of you who have ESP abilities, psychic abilities, or otherwise interact with the unseen world these words are for you. For those […] — read more

Ghostly Story

I never believed in Ghosts. Submitted by: Gail M. Foster I never believed in Ghosts…they were the stuff of cartoons and horror movies. To this day, I’m still not sure if I do, but I have no other explanation for the occurrences I witnessed fifteen years ago. My wife, two sons and I rented an […] — read more

A Gift of Death

Death has a way of showing up when we least expect it. For me it came with the sudden death of my younger brother in an accident at the beginning of the year.  Although we didn’t see eye to eye on most of life’s important issues, I loved him dearly and we were great friends.  […] — read more

Lost Children

Psychic Kids Over the last 10 years that I have been clearing homes and people’s energy fields, I have discovered that there are many young people who have extra sensory abilities (ESP). Many of these children and young people see things, hear things, sense things and feel things of which many in society and more […] — read more

House Sitting Horrors – Part 2

A Real Haunted House Experience Submitted By: Gail M. Foster From Part 1 –  …During the two and a half hours that my husband and the dog were gone, the house seemed to come alive with sounds. I finally phoned a friend and had them stay with me on the telephone while I searched the […] — read more

House Sitting Horrors

A Real Haunted House Experience By: Gail M. Foster PART ONE One year, acquaintances of my husband asked us to housesit while they when south for the winter. The couple, antique dealers, lived in a 5,000 sq. ft. custom-built Victorian style home designed to specifically display their antique collection. They frequently held parties combined with […] — read more


Feeling Cursed? Well maybe you are… Are you feeling blocked and can’t figure out what is blocking you? Do you feel angry for no particular reason, or guilty or jealous? Does success in business or relationships seem to elude you without specific cause?  Well you could be suffering under one or more curses. In today’s […] — read more

Imaginary Friends

“Imaginary Friends”… Real, or Not?   Many children have imaginary friends and it’s quite common and generally accepted as a part of growing up. But what if imaginary friends are more real than you  may have thought? What if they are still around after 5 years or even 10 years? Ever wonder what or who […] — read more

Ghostly Toys

A Case of Ghostly Toys.   It started with a call from a woman I will call Barb. She is a mother of two boys aged 14 months and 3 years old.  They, like most boys had toys that made noise such as fire trucks, police cars, and others. Barb told me that for several […] — read more

Ghosts Attaching To People.

Are ghosts attached to you?   There are many times when a person dies suddenly or with unresolved issues so powerful that the person does not fully crossover into the light or complete the journey to their place of origin. They, in their energy form, remain in the earth or material plane of existence as […] — read more

Ghosts In Your House

What is a ghost? Many people ask what exactly is a ghost? Ghosts or Earthbound Spirits are the souls or spirit energy of people who for whatever reason have not crossed over. They, in their energy form, remain in the earth or material plane of existence. There are many times when a person dies suddenly […] — read more