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Ghosts, Spirits, Entity Removal

Michael “the Ghost Guy” Rowland

Michael Rowland hails from a traditional family background. Initially taking the “success” path to life, he graduated with an MBA from the University of Western Ontario and spent the next 20 plus years as a corporate executive. Eventually leaving the corporate world behind, he purchased and ran a lodge in the majestic Kootenay area of British Columbia. It was there, surrounded by the peace and harmony of the natural world, that he discovered and honed his own innate abilities in working with energies and spirits.

Michael founded more than 15 years ago. He works remotely and has done thousands of clearings throughout the globe for homes, properties, businesses and people’s personal energy fields to remove negative energetic influences that affect their health, success and well-being. He is internationally known and respected for his work with spirits and negative energies. Michael has been featured in many newspaper and online articles, and interviewed on radio, television and Internet broadcasts. He has been referred to as the “Healers’ healer”.

Lisa The Ghost Gal

Lisa “The Ghost Gal” Evans

Over 20 years ago, Lisa Evans was struck by a holy awakening that opened her belief in the spiritual world.  This experience inspired her passion for all things spiritual and became a driving force for what would later become the launch of her company, Clearing Life Energies, LLC, an energy clearing business.

Described by best-selling author Shadé Ashani as a “holy force on this earth”, Lisa’s innate wisdom and deep desire to facilitate healing for others has been a catalyst for a more peaceful life existence for countless clients and their spaces.

Her background spans a decade of training in specific, very powerful and unique spiritual energy healing techniques.   Lisa has trained with some of the world’s most well-respected authorities in energy healing including studying at Ron Lavin’s acclaimed One Light Healing Touch Energy Healing and Mystery School gathering knowledge from sacred traditions worldwide and with Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz, a leader in medical intuition.  She is an advanced practitioner of the exacting, globally used technique, Spiritual Response Therapy and a member of the Spiritual Response Association.  Lisa is ecstatic to be affiliated with Michael Rowland and the Healing Haunted Houses banner to round out her portfolio of product offerings. 

Lisa likes to think of herself as a spiritual healer with a business flair.  Before devoting herself full time to energy clearing, she held award-winning management roles for world-leading corporations.  

Lisa lives with the “love of her life”, Luna – a sweet Cavalier King Charles Spaniel rescue dog.  She is glad to call Florida home and lives in the oldest city in the USA.  And yes, it has plenty of places that are haunted!