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Ghosts, Spirits, Entity Removal

Michael “the Ghost Guy” Rowland

Michael “The Ghost Guy” Rowland hails from a traditional family background. Initially taking the “success” path to life, he graduated with an MBA from the University of Western Ontario and spent the next 20 plus years as a corporate executive. Over the course of that time he found himself questioning the status quo and began a journey of exploration into the spiritual, alternative healing and energetic realms.

Eventually leaving the corporate world behind, he purchased and ran a lodge in the majestic Kootenay area of British Columbia. It was there, surrounded by the peace and harmony of the natural world, that he discovered and honed his own innate abilities in working with energies and spirits.

Michael founded more than 12 years ago. He works remotely and has done thousands of clearings throughout the globe for homes, properties, businesses and people’s personal energy fields to remove negative energetic influences that affect their health, success and well-being.

Recently, especially during this past couple of years of energetic shifts, we have been presented with the need not only for energy clearings but also the need to conduct Energetic Healings for the land. Michael is able to access a deeper energetic level that not only removes negative attachments, but also heals the vibration of trauma that is embedded in the land.

He is internationally known and respected for his work with spirits and negative energies. Michael has been featured in many newspaper and online articles, and interviewed on radio, television and Internet broadcasts. He has been referred to as the “Healers’ healer”.

Michael also offers workshops where his goal is to empower people to look after their own well-being by teaching people to clear their own energy fields and bring more peace into their personal lives. He offers more advanced courses for those who want to help others to remove ghosts, spirits and negative energies from their homes and energy fields. Through these workshops Michael helps people to develop and apply their ESP abilities. Yes, we all have them. And we can all learn how to use them.