When you peruse our website, you’ll notice a fresh new face, a new energetic spirit. Lisa Evans, owner of Clearing Life Energies, LLC, has joined the Healing Haunted Houses family as “The Ghost Gal”.  With over a decade of experience in a variety of powerful and unique energy healing techniques, Lisa brings a new perspective to the work that we do at Healing Haunted Houses.  You will see her name on many of the free evaluations and energy clearings that you request.

Described by best-selling author Shadé Ashani as a “holy force on this earth”, Lisa’s innate wisdom and deep desire to facilitate healing for others has been a catalyst for a more peaceful life existence for countless clients and their spaces.  I am thrilled to join forces with Lisa and feel fortunate to have her skill set added to help support Healing Haunted clients.

The more I interact with Lisa, the greater appreciation I have for who she is and how capable she is. Please contact Lisa in the next few days to welcome her to our family.

Click on the About Us page to learn more about Lisa.

Much love,