This week I returned from the funeral of the passing of my dad, an incredible, compassionate and humorous man who LOVED life and people.  He was the consummate humanitarian with a big heart for the downtrodden – always there to uplift his fellow man.

His death was an unexpected one, and in one month, I found myself having to process the entire life he and I shared – this meant the good stuff as well as the not so good stuff.  All of my emotions had to pour forth to be healed before we said our final goodbyes – from the anger and resentment of unresolved issues to the deep forgiveness and purest, sweetest emotions of father-daughter love.  Maybe because of the work that I do as an energy healer (or maybe not), I knew that my only task during the process of his passing was to open and allow whatever was needed to surface to flow forth for the healing of us both.

And flow forth it did.  I was fortunate in his passing to have experienced the gift of a healed relationship with my dad.  Our relationship was so complete that no words were left unspoken, no words of love unexpressed.  I was gifted with seeing the tenderness and sweetness of his SOUL rather than the carnal nature of his being.  I was gifted with a deeper connection with Spirit – of seeing the synchronicities of Spirit at work that can only be heard from that small, still voice.  From the witnessing of his ascension to the heavenly realm, to having him “guide me” through the funeral and afterwards through many “coincidences”, the signs showed me I am always supported throughout my life’s journey.

My dad’s passing has transformed me in ways I never could have imagined.  It has quieted my soul.  It has taught me that at the end of the day, only PURE LOVE AND LIGHT REMAIN.  Nothing else matters – NOTHING.  

He came to me with a message three days after his passing: “DAUGHTER, YOU MUST FORGIVE EVERYONE FOR EVERYTHING.”.  I believe his advice captures the essence of a life well-lived.

Blessings and peace to you on your journey, 


Lisa “The Ghost Gal” Evans