A Gift of Death

The Ghost Guy

Death has a way of showing up when we least expect it. For me it came with the sudden death of my younger brother in an accident at the beginning of the year.  Although we didn’t see eye to eye on most of life’s important issues, I loved him dearly and we were great friends.  His death, although tragic, made me realize that my life could also end suddenly and in the blink of an eye. So his gift to me has been to motivate me in getting on with living life to its fullest…NOW.  So, I ask you to take the following words to heart and make the most of your life too.  

You are truly a unique being. There is no one else exactly like you on this planet, nor will there ever be.be unique It has been said the we are Spiritual Beings having a human experience. If you believe that and even if you don’t, I urge you to embrace your humanity, fully and completely. Be that unique expression of humanity you came here to be. Fully express authentically the uniqueness that you are, whatever that looks like, for to hide that which you are, will deprive the planet of an important piece of the puzzle, and you will also deprive yourself of the wonderful adventure you came here to have – your contribution – your purpose. In doing so, you also give other people you meet permission to do the same. So, right now in this year of 2012, let your gift be the full expression of your uniqueness, your beauty, and your love – to yourself, to your family, to your friends, and to the rest of humanity.

Know that I love you and with that love I support on your journey no matter where it takes you.  Thank you for showing up in my life.

MichaelThe Ghost Guy “The Ghost Guy” Rowland

P.S. “Be outrageous, it is the only place that isn’t crowded.”