6 Important Concepts About Negative Energies

Negative Energies & Entities

There are a wide variety of energies and entities that can attach or connect to our energy field and affect us in a negative way.  Any discussion about energies or entities is limited by our available language, concepts, and beliefs.  Therefore, whatever is discussed is limited and usually falls short of what is actually taking place.  When I talk about energies, and in particular negative energies, what I describe is an approximation that is representative for conceptual purposes and some level of understanding.  The following viewpoints are my own from 15 years of working with these energies.

When we talk about negative energies we are speaking about energies that do not serve us and affect us in a negative way. This doesn’t mean that it is the intention of all negative energies is to do harm. The longer the energies are connected to a person’s energy field or their home, the greater the potential for a significant impact at the emotional or physical level.

  1. Some negative energies we create ourselves with our own thoughts and emotions.

In situations where a person holds strong, emotionally charged thoughts, or beliefs, and holds them for a long period of time, they can create a separate energetic form called a negative thought form energy. This energy attaches to their energy field and reinforces negative thoughts. This energetic form which is sustained and magnified by the originator’s own energy.

Another negative energetic form that we create ourselves is called a negative energetic imprint. These energetic imprints can be superimposed by a variety of situations where the home or the people living there have been exposed to neglect, abuse, deliberate damage, consistent arguing or fighting and other negative circumstances over a period of time. Energetic imprints can be left behind by not only the recent occupants but also by those that lived in the house or on the land before them, possibly from previous generations.

Others include curses, witchcraft, sorcery, and dark magic. All of these we can create ourselves.

  1. Negative energies or entities can attach opportunistically.

These types of energies are there to misdirect, or create adversity in our lives. They can literally attach to our energy fields and influence our thinking, feelings and behaviors. 

Their function appears to be to mislead, misdirect energy, and magnify negative thoughts.  In this way, they ultimately do harm over the longer term by creating negativity in the lives of those they are connected with. Negative energies can attach invasively, or at times with our permission, whether through intention or out of naiveté.

  1. People may not aware that they have negative energies attached.

Since the influence of these energies come through the host person’s energy field and brain, the host may not be able to tell the difference between their own thoughts or feelings and the effects of the negative energies.  The negative energies can also siphon energy from the host to maintain their existence, result in the host feeling more tired than usual. 

  1. Negative energies attach easily.

When we are sick, fearful or anxious our energy field is more open to attachments. Entities or other negative energies can more easily attach the more stressed we are.

It has been my experience during the last 15 years of energy work, that addicts are generally open to attachment by negative energies and entities. They literally attract negative energies from their attitudes, the places they go and the people they associate with. They therefore tend to have lots of negative energies to clear and then within a very short while others attach, unless they start to work on their addictions.

Lifestyle plays an important role in energies attaching to a person’s energy field. The places they visit such as the mall, or hospital, or other crowded public places are full of energies that may or may not attach. Leading a positive life and thinking good thoughts about yourself and others can reduce the types and numbers of energies that might attach.

  1. Negative energies can transfer around.

Negative energies can move from one person to another. They can also move from the energy field of a home to people who are living in, or visiting the home and vise versa. Because negative energies have this ability to transfer around, we check the house and all of the occupants, as well as pets, to ensure that all of the energies are identified for clearing.

  1. Some negative energies cannot be removed.

We cannot remove or protect our energy field from any energy that serves us. Negative energies can be serving us, we cannot always remove all negative energies in a person’s field. Some negative energies can help us to grow and evolve by helping to create adversity in our lives. We as human beings seem to need adversity or challenges for us to make positive changes in our lives.

As an opposition or adversarial force, these negative energies connect with our energy field to potentially hold in and magnify our personal weaknesses or negative responses to life experiences.  Many times, these situations are the very things we need to resolve in order to grow and evolve emotionally and spiritually.  As long as we need to grow in any particular area of our temporal or spiritual being negative energies can be there, very opportunistically, to insure exploitation, pushing us toward change. Once their job is complete then they need to be removed.

There is more information on several types of energies and their effects on the web site, click here. Please don’t hesitate to fill out the FREE EVALUATION form on the web site to see if there are any energies attached that are not serving you. And, just so you know, not everyone does.

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